My Favourite Pictures and Memories from March

Hi everyone!

I almost entirely forgot to do this post this month because I have been so busy! This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month March swap on Swap-Bot.

On the 3rd of March I had a stall at A Viking Thing. It was extremely busy and I had loads of fun!

I also got two handpoked rune tattoos done that are very personal to me. I took this cool selfie while getting them done!

On the 10th of March I had a busy day! I went to visit my friend Krisne and we went for tea and thift shopping. I bought the most beautiful dresses to use for photoshoots. Then in the evening I DJ’ed at Goth/Industrial Night at The Doors! My friends Bree and Chris came to support me and we danced most of the night away!

The following day we finally got our new kitten, Mavis!!! We love her to bits already. I’ll write a post all about her in the next two weeks!

On the 18th I went to the Brooklyn Theatre with my friend Simone for a very interesting show! They were showing the original 1922 silent film Nosferatu and had 3 musicians performing their own music to accompany the film. We both really enjoyed it. I thought it was the perfect time to wear my Nosferatu necklace!

On the 24th we had a bunch of friends over for a braai (barbeque for my non-South African readers), and to play Cards Against Humanity! It was a hilarious evening but we forgot to take photos.

On the 25th I went to the Pokemon Community day with some friends to catch some special Bulbasaurs! I took this cute photo with one!

On the 30th I had a stall and DJ’ed at The Freakquency Transmission. I managed to watch all the bands I wanted to see and had a great time.

And finally on the 31st I had an amazing Beetlejuice inspired shoot with Jes Hunter Photography! Here’s the sneak peek photo that I took. We have not released any of the photos yet 🙂

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!





My Favourite Pictures and Memories from February

Hi everyone!


This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month February swap on Swap-Bot.


My apologies for my lack of posts. This year hasn’t been kind so far. I skipped January’s post because I was struggling with my depression. I almost skipped this month as well, but I did have a few good memories that I would like to share. This is going to be a much shorter post than usual, sorry.


On the 2nd, I visited my friend Simone and we got sushi for dinner. Can you believe I ate this entire platter by myself?


For Valentines Day we had a fun photobooth at work! Here’s my favourite photo, featuring my coworker Mbale!


I had markets on the 17th and 18th, and got lots of cool goodies! I wanted to take a photo of the things I got, but Rits decided that it was a good place to go nap. The goodies I got included:


The most exciting thing about February is that we decided to adopt a kitten! This is Mavis, and she is coming home to us this Sunday, 11th March! Here’s a photo of her that I took on my weekly visit on 22nd Feb. I’ll write a whole post about her and her story once she’s settled in.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!





February Work Outfits

Hi everyone!

Here are my gothicly inclined work outfits for February! I hope you enjoy them.


Outfit 1

Brooch: Clay Cloud Creations

Top: Mr Price

Belt: Aliexpress

Skirt: Mr Price


Outfit 2

Necklace: bought for me in Venice by my mother

Dress: Rosetic

Belt: Aliexpress

Shoes: thrifted


Outfit 3

Necklace: gifted

Top: Mr Price

Belt: Aliexpress

Skirt: China mall

Shoes: thrifted


Outfit 4

Necklace: Missmoan

Top: Mr Price

Belt: Aliexpress

Skirt: handmade by me

Shoes: The Fix


I hope you enjoyed seeing my outfits. I am going to try to take more photos in March!




January Work Outfits

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite outfits I wore to work this month. Often times I get asked how I can keep a Goth look at work, so I hope this inspired some of you! I’ll be doing this every month.

Some background on my job:

I work for a corporate company that deals with financial wellness, medical aid, funeral coverage, etc. I work for the online shop team that is part of the rewards program. While my division is much more relaxed about how people look, the rest of the company is very conservative and formal in appearance. I tone down my normal look for work, but I still manage to pull off noticeably Goth looks while still being professional.

Outfit 1

Necklace: Ayame Designs

Top: Mr Price

Belt: China mall

Skirt: thrifted

Shoes: thrifted

Outfit 2

Brooch: La’ila Designs

Top: thrifted (Kelso brand, sold at Edgars)

Belt: Aliexpress

Skirt: handmade

Shoes: same as outfit 1

Outfit 3

Necklace: Ayame Designs

Bodysuit: Mr Price

Belt: China mall

Skirt: Mr Price

Outfit 4:

Necklace: Ayame Designs

Dress: Mr Price

Belt: thrifted (originally from Hot Topic)

Stockings: China mall

Wedges: Woolworths

Outfit 5:

Necklace: MissMoan

Top: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing

Belt: Aliexpress

Skirt: Mr Price

I hope you enjoyed looking at my work outfits!



Our Fantasy Wedding!

Hi everyone!

As you might know by now, I got married on 25th November 2017. I thought I’d share some of our photos and the highlights of the day. Perhaps it inspires some of you who are planning your wedding!

Thank you to Swallow-Tail Photography for the beautiful photography and makeup!

We got married at The Moors Castle in Muldersdrift. The wedding was outside, but it was pouring with rain the entire day! Luckily we still managed to have the wedding outside as planned, even though we needed umbrellas and gazebos.


My dress is a vintage wedding dress that I picked up at an antique shop. I had it modified by dyeing it (it used to be cream coloured!) and adding black lace details & beadwork to make it more my style. I wore a bustle pad underneath my dress, and wore platform boots to give me some height in a way that I wouldn’t get stuck in mud. My mother made my crown (which I forgot to put on before walking down the isle, oops!) and I made the necklace to match.

My ring is sterling silver with black and white zirconias and was custom designed for me. My husband’s ring is black titanium with a chain pattern detail.

My mother helped me get ready. I didn’t even know that she had rented a dress that matched mine! She didn’t see the dress until on the day, but knew what the colour scheme was of course, as she helped me with arrangements.

My dad of course didn’t think of colour schemes and chose the most random umbrella to walk me down the isle! Behind us you can see the guests sitting under a gazebo.

Our ceremony took place under this beautiful willow tree. Unfortunately because of the rain we had to set up the gazebo under the tree, but it still worked!

My bouquet was made up of dark purple arum lilies, white roses and some filler flowers.

We had a handfasting where we tied an infinity knot that we kept. A tutorial for this knot can easily be found on YouTube.

The kiss!

And now for some of my favourite posed photos:


The reception was held at our house. We hired a tent, tables, chairs, glasses, etc and got a guy caters at functions (the food was amazing!). Instead of a cake, we had absolutely beautiful (and delicious) cupcakes that were made by Tascha’s Cakes!


I hope you enjoyed looking at some of our wedding photos! Next week the post about our honeymoon will be up – I didn’t want to post about the honeymoon before the wedding!




2017 In Review & Plans For 2018

Hi everyone!

My apologies for taking so long to upload this. January has not been kind to me. I’ve been extremely ill twice, and two of my pets have passed away so I have been very depressed. I’ve finally had the time and energy to finish this post. This is just going to be a quick summary of my 2017, and my plans for 2018.


January was pretty slow – I just worked, and wrote my last exam for my degree.


I went to Red Room with Juan, and teased my hair really big. I really loved this look!

I also got this incredible drawing of myself from Trevor Schuster. Here’s a side by side comparison of the drawing and the photo he used!

I did a shoot with Wasabi Foto that is very different from my usual style, but I love the result!


I handed in my leather bound research report on the 3rd!

I won an award for Trevor at Ink & Iron for best half back colour tattoo! Excuse the sunburn! Here’s my tattoo as well, for those of you who haven’t seen it.

I went to a cosplay picnic in my Little Sister cosplay from Bioshock! I had some awesome photos taken there. This one is my favourite.

My husband and I got engaged! We waited to announce it when we got the ring though, as we decided to have a ring custom made.

I also convinced my non-Goth friends to go to Attrition! Look at how gorgeous they looked!


I had a stall at Fantasy Fayre and made this skirt so that I could wear a viking inspired outfit!

I went to visit my beautiful friend Neko in Clarens for the weekend and had so much fun! I wish she didn’t live so far.

I had a photoshoot with Taikutsuna Majo, where two of my beloved pets modeled with me. Sadly they are both no longer with us.

At Pagan Freedom Day I shot with a bow for the first time in years!


I graduated my Honours Degree in Strategic Brand Communication!

Unfortunately just a few days after my graduation, my dog, Layla, had to be put down. I was heartbroken and it took me months to recover.

I got new synthetic dreads that I put in for a week. I loved this look I did for Geekfest! I had a stall there and it went really well!

I had a lovely day out with my friend Krisne where we went vintage shopping and drank lots of tea! We even stopped by a charity shop that is also a cat sanctuary and I made a new friend!


I was very busy with my jewellery business this month! I had 3 stalls and worked very hard to create stock.

I went to ICON to support my fellow stallholders, and got to fight a knight! Look at how ridiculous I look in the armour! It was lots of fun though!


I started working at the company I work at!

I also attended the last ever Dark Noise party with Juan. I’m so sad that I don’t have any more Dark Noise parties to look forward to. They were always so much fun.


I was very busy with stalls again this month.

We finally had our engagement photos taken! Thank you to Derek Whitton Photography for the beautiful photos.

My grandfather passed away and we went to his funeral.


I visited Neko in Clarens for a week to de-stress and have time to make jewellery stock for my biggest market for the year.

I had a stall at a Harry Potter festival and it was extremely busy! Luckily towards the end of the day I managed to take photos with Simone at the photobooth!

It was my birthday and my mother and I went to watch the Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra perform Disney songs. It was such a fantastic show!


It was my biggest market for the year – rAge. I was extremely over-worked but it was worth it. I wore my Little Sister cosplay again and even found a splicer!


I had a stall at Discworld Day! I dressed up as Adora Belle Dearheart from Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal. Unfortunately it was extremely hot and I was unable to manage my stall for the majority of the day. Luckily some kind stallholders looked after me and even drove home with me to make sure that I was safe.

It was my kitchen tea and we went to the botanical gardens. I just love the look on my face in this photo. It was the exact moment that I realised that the lingerie I had just opened was from my mother!

We got married! The day did not go according to plan because it was pouring with rain the whole day, but it was still perfect! Thank you to Swallow-Tail Photography for our amazing photos and my beautiful makeup.

The next day we left on honeymoon, which was absolutely incredible. We went to Paris, Venice and Rome! I’ll write a post all about the wedding and honeymoon! I don’t want to spoil too much, but my absolute favourite place we went to was the Paris Catacombs. Here’s my favourite photo I took there:


We got back from honeymoon on the 7th December and I was back at work the next day.

I had 2 amazing photoshoots to end off the year. One with Dark Arts Society:

And one with Shyne Photo:

I worked until the 22nd of December and didn’t do much in my time off. Hardly any of the plans I made worked out unfortunately. But I did have a Harry Potter marathon with Bree!

Sadly one our rats, Dovahkiin passed away suddenly around Christmas, followed by my rabbit, Frodo and one of our other rats, Eddie, in the first week of January. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the year didn’t start off well for me, but I hope that it gets better.


Plans For 2018

This year is going to be a busy one for me.

As I’m now working full time, I have less time for Ayame Designs and for modeling. Because of this, my jewellery business will take preference over modeling. I am going to focus most of my free time on growing Ayame Designs, especially internationally. I have some very exciting new product ranges coming up this year that I will be working on whenever I can. I will no longer be doing smaller markets, as they are not worth my time. The only exception is when it’s an alternative market and it’s not too far to travel. I am also travelling to Cape Town to have a stall at FanCon! This is the first time that I am travelling outside of Pretoria and Johannesburg for a stall so it’s very exciting!

As for my modeling, I will only be taking on work that will result in something amazing and different. I am much more selective about who I work with, and will only be shooting interesting concepts. Unfortunately all the alternative and goth magazines I would like to be published in don’t have themes I would like to shoot, so I will probably only be submitting to open themed issues or magazines this year.

I have just become permanent at my job! This means that I will also be taking on new responsibilities and I am excited to grow in the company. I’ll also be working much harder than perviously, and therefore won’t have as much free time.

I want to commit to writing a blog post at least once every 2 weeks. I am working on a few new posts right now, and also have some ideas for future posts saved. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I’d like to film YouTube videos, so I will be focusing on blogging, as I can write little bits at a time when I can, but don’t often have multiple hours free to film and edit videos.

This year I have also decided to cut all negative things out of my life. Whether it’s people who drag me down or things I let happen. I am done letting people or circumstances affect my happiness. I will make more time for people and things that make me happy.


I know this is quite a long post! Congrats on making it to the end! PS – My post about my wedding will be up next week, followed by one on my honeymoon.





OOTN: First Red Room Party For 2018

Hi everyone!

I want to start posting my outfits on here, as I often love to dress up when I go out! I’ll always link the brands or shops I got everything from when I can.

Last night I went to the first Red Room night for the year! Here’s what I looked like:

Foundation: Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up & Concealer
Under eye concealer: Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Liquid Concealer
Eye primer: Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadow Base
Setting powder: LA Girl Pro Powder

Eyebrows: Inglot eye shadow in black
Eye shadow: Mac in Gesso (white) and Inglot in black
Eyeliner: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen
Mascara: Rimmel ScandalEyes
Lipstick: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics in Black Cat

To achieve the hair look, all I did was tease my hair layer by layer, then bunch it up in the middle of my head to create the desired shape, and pin bobby pins and hair spray like crazy.

Contact lenses: Eye Voodoo
Hair clips: eBay
Collar: handmade by Christiaan Oberholzer
Dress: Black Pistol brand by Aderlass
Boots: New Rock (thrifted)


I hope you enjoyed this look!