Gothic Thrift Haul

Hi everyone!


As you might know, I love thrift shopping! Today I went to my favourite place in Pretoria to hunt for cheap gothic and alternative goodies – few Sungardens Hospice Shop. Today was an extremely successful trip because I even managed to get a pair of Demonias! So without further ado, here’s what I got!


Let’s start off with this black ruffle top! It cost me R10 and I think it will look perfect for a Victorian Goth look with either an underbust or overbust corset. It looks quite cute on its own too!


Next up, this pinstripe top! It didn’t look like much when I grabbed it from a pile, but I thought I knew what it was, and it was only R5 so I bought it to see if I was right (there are no fitting rooms) and I was definitely not disappointed! The only thing it needs is lacing in the eyelets on the sides and then it will be perfect!


Next is this absolutely stunning corset top! I’m sad because it is a tiny bit too small for me, but it’s an easy fix because currently it has a zip at the back which I will remove to insert lacing. It has stiff boning in and is very pretty! Definitely an absolute steal for only R10!


I also got some cool books! I got the Terry Pratchett quotes one for my best friend Juan and the Dracula one for myself, because you can never have too many different copies of a classic! I like this copy because it’s pretty much pocket sized so it’s perfect for travelling! Wit & Wisdom of Discworld was R65 and Dracula was R55.


And of course, last but not least, the Demonias I picked up for only R20! They have a bit of wear and tear, as you can see, but they definitely have a lot of wear left! I just need to give them a polish and then they will look so cute! They are actually a size smaller than I usually wear, but the fit of the Mary Jane style shoe works for me and they are very comfortable!


I hope you enjoyed this haul!






My Favourite Goth Covers Of Non-Goth Songs!

Hi everyone!

When I signed up for the Favourite cover songs swap on Swap-Bot, I decided to have some fun with it and list my favourite goth covers of non-goth songs, as there are so many goth bands who cover “normal” or “mainstream” songs. These are not in any particular order!

Rosetta Stone – The Witch (The Rattles cover)


The Awakening – The Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)


Mono Inc. – Out In The Fields (Gary Moore cover)


The Eternal Chapter – Here Comes The Man (Pixies cover)


No Friends Of Harry – Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones cover)


The Awakening – Safety Dance (Men Without Hats cover)


MGT ft. Ville Valo – Knowing Me Knowing You (ABBA cover)

Yes, I know this one *technically* isn’t goth, but I do love this cover and feel that it can be included in this list 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these! What’s your favourite goth cover of a non-goth song? Did I forget one from this list? Let me know!





My Favourite Pictures and Memories from July

Hi everyone!

I’ve been so busy that I almost forgot to do this! Here are my favourite pictures and memories from July.

I had a stall at ICON Comic & Games Convention and got to meet Raymond E. Feist and get all my books signed!

I had a really fun photoshoot with Mark David Khoury Photography! Pics coming soon!

Mavis decided to take her collar off and waited for me to get home so she could show me what she did. She looks so proud of herself but I was not impressed!

I did this Morrigan inspired shoot with Taikutsuna Majo featuring the amazing headpiece made for me by Black Flame Odditorium!

I had a stall at Mystical Fantasy Academy – a Harry Potter themed event and channeled my inner Bellatrix Lestrange for the day. I made the broomstick for the “Pimp My Ride” competition, hehe!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!




My Favourite Pictures and Memories from June

Hi everyone!

This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month June swap on Swap-Bot. I’ve been so busy that I almost completely forgot about it. Oops!


This first pic was myself and my stall helper at Fantasy Fayre on 2nd June! The event was loads of fun, and my sales were good 🙂


Next up is this photo I snapped of Mavis sleeping in my lap while I was making jewellery! I was stocking up on my Deathly Hallows necklaces!


This picture is an incredible piece of fan art that someone made of me! I think this is my favourite fan art I’ve ever received!


This is probably the cutest photo I have taken of my kitten, Mavis, so far! She loves posing but this one is just so adorable!


One of my friends also taught me how to use clay in June! This is my first ever clay creation. Isn’t he cute?


The last weekend of June I had my jewellery stall at ICON. I shared a stall with my friend Charlie from Kulcha Kollektive.

I also got to meet Raymond E Feist and get all of my books signed! If you haven’t heard of him, I’d highly recommend you read his Riftwar Saga if you enjoy fantasy novels!


I also just recently announced that my husband and I will be immigrating to Belgium in December! We are so excited for this change!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!




My Huge Gothic Shoe Collection (36 Pairs Of Shoes!)

Hi everyone!

My apologies for the delay in posting this! I recently decided to go through my shoes, as I gave been told by many people that I have a shoe hoarding problem. I decided to use this opportunity to show off my shoe collection, which while it might be considered impressive, the majority of it is actually thrifted! After going through my 36 pairs of shoes, I could only bring myself to part with a few of them.

Here is the entire collection (Okay, I lie, three pairs are missing from this photo – two were in my car and one I was gifted later. Apologies for the bad quality photos of those three pairs). This excludes boring basic shoes like black pumps and sandals.

So let’s jump right into it! For each shoe, I’ll list the brand and name of the shoe if I know it, as well as whether I bought them new or secondhand. If they are for sale as part of my declutter, I will link to my Facebook album – sorry South Africa only as international shipping is too expensive! If you would like me to do a post on thrifting and thrifting tips, let me know!


Platform boots

1 – New Rock Boots

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


2 – Demonia – Furious 301 (discontinued product)

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


3 – Demonia – Trashville 518

Bought new from Heels2Heaven.


4 – New Rock Boots

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


5 – Demonia – Clash 430

Imported from Hot Topic (I got these in 2008 – these were my first pair of platform boots!).


6 – Unknown brand

Thrifted from a hospice shop for R15. Yes, you read that right, R15! They are falling apart but I absolutely love them!


Heeled Platform Boots

7 – Limited Edition by Footwork

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


8 – Pleaser – Kiss 2049

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


9 – Demonia – Slush 249

Bought for me as a gift by my parents a few years back.


10 – Unknown brand

Bought new at Montana Traders Market.


11 – El Dante

Bought secondhand in a random shop in a small town for R150! These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I own!


12 – Unknown brand.

Bought new at Montana Traders Market.


Heels & Platformed Heels

13 – Unknown brand.

Bought new at Montana Traders Market.


14 – Woolworths

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


15 – MRP

Bought new at Mr Price. For sale here!


16 – Bordello – Teeze 07L

Bought for me as a gift by my husband a few years ago. Sadly they are too small for me. For sale here!


17 – Unknown brand

I think I bought these at Mr Price. For sale here!


18 – Sexy With Attitude

Bought new from YDE. Sold.


19 – Bordello – Teeze 20

Bought brand new from a friend who never wore them.


20 – Unknown brand

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


21 – Demonia

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group. Sold.


22 – Ellie

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


23 – I Love Shoes brand.

Bought new from YDE. For sale here!


24 – Unknown brand.

I can’t remember where I got these. I think they were from Mr Price? I’ve had them for almost a decade.


25 – Unknown brand.

Bought secondhand from a hospice shop.


Flat Shoes & Boots

26 – Dr Martens

Bought new while in Denmark on holiday.


27 – Unknown brand

Bought secondhand at an antique shop. Sold.


28 – Unknown brand

Bought at Montana Traders Market.


29 – Exico!

Gifted to me by a friend.


30 – Savoy.

Bought new at Woolworths.


31 – Everybody

Bought secondhand while in Denmark on holiday.


32 – MRP

Bought new at Mr Price.


33 – The Fix

Bought new at The Fix.


Other Shoes

34 – Woolworths

Bought new at Woolworths.


35 – Free2BU

Bought new at Edgars.


36 – Dr Martens.

Gifted to me by a friend!




I hope you enjoyed seeing my shoe collection!



My Favourite Pictures and Memories from May

Hi everyone!


This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month May swap on Swap-Bot. This month was relatively uneventful except for markets so I apologise in advance!


So let’s start where we left off – I went to Cape Town for FanCon but we spent a two extra days there so I only came back on the 2nd of May. I got to spend some time with my best friend, Juan! We went to Beerhouse, which was great.


That Friday, I went for my Wednesday Addams tattoo! I did post a photo on Facebook, but I am going for a touch up soon so will rather share another photo when it is complete. I am so in love with this piece though!


On the 5th I had my stall at Metal United World Wide and had lots of fun with great people. Here’s one of our selfies from the night.

On the 6th I had another stall at Alt. Market – First Sunday of Every Month and I took this cute photo of my friend Bree! We are complete opposites but we are great friends!


On the 14th I received my first Firefly Book Bags subscription and I was definitely not disappointed! This was a great surprise and featured lots of magical and Harry Potter themed goodies. I love that they customised the patronus bag to each person’s patronus! My favourite thing is definitely the Howler bag – if you know anything about Harry Potter then you’ll immediately see it! I have not had time to read the book yet, but I will soon!


I received an incredible headpiece from Black Frame Odditorium which I will use for a shoot soon! I don’t want to reveal the entire headpiece, but here’s a sneak peek! Isn’t it stunning?!


On the 19th and 20th I had my stall at GeekFest! It didn’t go as well as I had planned, but I did have fun. Here’s my female Beetlejuice cosplay from the Sunday!


On the 26th and 27th I also had stalls! But the 26th was our World Goth Day event which was held at Melrose House – Pretorian Victorian & The Art of Goth on World Goth Day. It was a lovely day, and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s cool outfits. I even did a quick photoshoot of my outfit with Kitty Bee Photography:


That night I went out to Red Room with Bree! I managed to get quite a bit of dancing in so it was an overall great night.


On the 27th I had a stall at Kief Modils Charity Market Day. Janine from Kitty Bee Photography and I decided to start up ALT Thrift Gear where we sell secondhand alternative clothing. We set this stall up in between ours and it did very well! So we’ve decided to keep on doing it until we run out of clothes (or get sick of it!).



I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!


PS – Some exciting news is coming soon!






Meet Mavis!

Hi everyone!

Yes, this post is long overdue, I know! But I wanted to introduce you all to our new family member!

Why we got a new kitten

As you might know if you follow my blog or any of my social media, I’ve had an extremely rough year, with five of my pets passing away in the past few months.

I have always been a huge animal lover and I could not handle the house being so empty. My happiness is very much dependant on being surrounded by animals. We went from having six pets to just one in under three months. My husband and I had been thinking about getting another cat for a while, so then we decided that it was time. We started looking around on the Facebook pages of various rescues. And then we found Mavis!

So why Mavis?

Mavis is a rescue kitten. We got her from Catz R Us in March. I would highly recommend them if you are in Pretoria and looking to adopt a cat or kitten!

We specifically wanted to get a black kitten (gender did not matter), as I know that they are the least likely to find homes. I’ve always had a soft spot for the “rejects” that no one wants. I fell in love as soon as I saw her photo, and when I saw her name I just knew she was the one.

Mavis is the name the rescue gave to her and we loved it! She is named after Mavis in the movie Hotel Transylvania, which is one of my favourite animation movies.

What’s she like?

Mavis is extremely cuddly and needy! She will follow you wherever you go because she doesn’t want to be alone. She loves to cuddle, and now that winter is here she even sleeps under the blankets!

She always sits in my lap when I make jewellery – she loves being my assistant!

She likes to give people kisses, and almost never stops purring!

She’s also a little monkey and loves to climb trees!

She is incredibly full of energy and always wants to play. She drives my other cat, Rits, absolutely insane because of it. She loves to play with all her toys, but also enjoys playing with boxes. Currently she has 4 boxes lying around the house that she plays with. We can’t get rid of them because then she cries.

I honestly cannot begin to describe the joy she has brought to our lives.

She has her own Instagram! Follow her if your want to see more of her: @mavis_the_kitty_cat

Adopt, don’t shop 🖤