My Favourite Pictures and Memories from January

Hi everyone!

I’m going to be doing this post monthly again now that I have my PC back and life is a bit less crazy! 🙂 So here’s my monthly post with my favourite pictures from the month. This post is done as a Swap-Bot swap. Warning, this will be a long and picture heavy post!

This year started off rough, with lots of paperwork involved in registering for residence and my oldest cat, Rits, getting sick. Luckily he is much better now but we had to change his diet. I took this photo of him and Mavis just before he got sick.

On the 14th January our container was finally delivered! There were boxes everywhere and it made the house look so small! Luckily most of them have been unpacked now.

I also bought this absolutely gorgeous antique display cabinet for the house! It was only 40 euros! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price.

On the 19th I went out to our local goth event called Infekted. It’s the second one I’ve gone to since arriving in Belgium and I absolutely love it! Here’s me and my friend Cathy before the event.

The next day, I had my first photoshoot in Belgium! It was extremely cold, but we got some stunning photos. Thanks to Bullz Eye for the beautiful photos – this is one of my favourites!

It also snowed (twice!). Mavis was extremely curious and decided to investigate. She did not like the snow falling on her ears at all!

The day after the first lot of snow, I did a spontaneous photoshoot with Schok Pop! Here’s one of the photos we have received so far! Thanks to Wouter Lecturewoon for the photos!

I also bought these gorgeous Demonia boots that I’ve wanted for a while. They were on a 75% clearance sale so I just had to snatch them up!

On the 27th Cathy, Jeroen and I went to the Mixed Visions event in Antwerp! This was the first time that I had to party until 5am because we had to wait for the trains to start running again to get home. It was an interesting experience because I’m not used to staying out so late, but I had lots of fun! I fell asleep in the train on the way home:

Mavis has discovered that the radiators are nice and warm, so this is her new favourite sleeping spot.

And finally my last photo for the month! I ordered this gorgeous custom three eyed kitty necklace from KatLunasCoven and just had to do a green makeup look to go with it! And it was also snowing again that day!

That’s all from me for now! Sorry for it being long. It’s been a busy month!




Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet Dec ’18 Review

Hi everyone!

I was on the waiting list for Notoriously Morbid‘s Vanishing Cabinet for a few months and finally got a spot at the beginning of December! I’ll be reviewing these monthly as I get them.

For those who are not familiar with Notoriously Morbid, they are an indie makeup company based in the US and the Vanishing Cabinet is their monthly subscription which includes limited edition products with a certain theme!

This month’s theme was “Son Of A Nutcracker” and did not disappoint!

Here’s what I got:

Affinity For Elf Culture eyeshadow

This is the only item in this month’s VC that I’m not too keen on, but that’s because I’m biased against any yellow or orange makeup products. It’s a yellowy orange with purple sparkles and a teal shift.

Christmas Cheer eyeshadow

This is a lovely light olivey green shimmery shadow with “a rainbow of sparkles” as they call it! It has glitter in a whole bunch of colours inside it.

Ninny Muggins blush

This is a gorgeous deep mauve satin blush that I’ll definitely be using as an eye shadow.

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow slumber salve

The slumber salve smells absolutely incredible! It’s a lemon cookie flavoured sugar lip scrub.

Throne Of Lies lip gloss

This is a stunning purpley copper coloured gloss that also smells amazing! The packaging says it’s Snickerdoodle flavoured!

Here is the look I created with these products. I decided not to use Affinity For Elf Culture because I wasn’t sure how to make it work with the planned look.

Products used:

Eyeshadow: NM So Goes My Nation as a base, NM Christmas Cheer & NM Osteomancy over NM Shadow Bind on lids, NM Ninny Muggins with a little bit of NM Bloody Awful Poet on lids and crease.

Eyeliner: NYX Epic Ink Liner.

Mascara: LA Girl.

Contour: NM Necromancy.

Highlight: NM Osteomancy.

Lips: NM Throne Of Lies.

I hope you enjoyed this review and look!



Recent Thrift Finds

Hi everyone!

Apologies for the silence! I had planned on scheduling a bunch of posts before we packed up for the move but I ran out of time! I’ll have to carry on with my Feature Fridays in January because most of my belongings are in the container now.

However, I have been very bored since we finished packing and I’ve gone thrift shopping a few times and want to show off the cool items I got!

Let’s start with this top that I got for R5 at the hospice shop! Honestly I almost didn’t take it but I’m glad I did! It looks a lot better on than I was expecting.

Next I got this absolutely gorgeous vintage satin cropped top with bat sleeves! The fabric is so soft and I love how it looks on.

I also got this pretty skirt. It’s difficult to see the detail in the photo but the fabric has a stunning damask pattern and the middle pleated section in front is velvet.

Here’s a close up of the fabric:

I also got this really cool long cardigan. I just wish it had pockets!

This beautiful capelet is definitely going to be a staple item for my autumn / winter wardrobe! It’s made of velvet and has a thick lining so it will be perfect for colder days.

I really love this stretchy mesh top too – especially because of the bell sleeves!

I also got these two corsets but they are in need of new laces!

And lastly, I got a few books! I think my favourite book I got is the collection of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales.

I did buy a few more clothing items but the photos didn’t come out well.

That’s all from me today!

I hope you enjoyed this haul!



Gothesque Magazine feature!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been featured in Volume 2 of Gothesque Magazine’s October issue! We actually shot this several months ago but decided to rather wait and get it published because we felt that simply putting it up on social media would be a waste.

You can buy the magazine here!

Model & makeup artist: Jossie Ayame (me)
Photographer: Jes Hunter Photography and Makeup

Here are the tearsheets from my set:

Let me know what you think of these photos!



Feature Fridays – Art Defrosted

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Feature Fridays, where I promote local small businesses!

This week I’m featuring Art Defrosted! Lisa is an extremely talented artist who creates art in various mediums, with my favourite being her paintings she does with bleach!

Here is my (small) collection of her work!

The painting of me was actually a Secret Santa gift last year! She used one of my wedding photos and it came out so beautifully.

She also does custom pet portraits for a good cause! 30% of every pet portrait is donated to the Love-A-Bull pitbull rescue. 

Where to find Art Defrosted online:


If you like Lisa’s work, get in contact so you can buy one of her art pieces or get a custom piece done!

That’s all from me today!



Feature Fridays – MissMoan

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my third Feature Fridays post, where I promote local small businesses! 

MissMoan is operated by one of my closest friends. She creates really cool clay pieces and other jewellery, with my favourite being her one of a kind baby dragons! She makes really beautiful steampunk ones with tiny watch parts!

And here is my awesome collection of goodies from her!

I wear that adorable sleeping bat necklace at least once a week – it’s one of my favourite jewellery pieces in my collection!

Where to find MissMoan online:

Not only is she extremely talented with clay, but she also runs Alt.Market which happens the second Saturday of every month at Railways Cafe!

If you like MissMoan creations, get in contact so you can buy her goodies! And be sure to check out Alt.Market too!

That’s all from me today!


Feature Fridays – Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my second Feature Fridays post, where I promote local small businesses! I skipped last week because of rAge Expo, but now I’ll be posting every week again 🙂

So let’s jump right into it!

Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa is a small business operating from Durban! Cherry Lisa makes the coolest geeky and gothic hair bows, collar clips and brooches! She handmakes everything herself and does custom orders too!

And here is my awesome collection of goodies from her!

She just recently launched her Halloween range and many of these are from that collection! How cool are those bat collar clips?!

Where to find Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa online:
Website / Online Shop

If you like Frockabilly’s creations, get in contact so you can buy her goodies!

That’s all from me today!