My Favourite Pictures and Memories from November

Hello everyone!

Here’s another post that’s part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month November swap on Swap-Bot.


This first one is my beautiful puzzle that I got framed for my birthday. They only finished framing it at the beginning of November, so it was very late! But it looks so gorgeous against my purple walls. The next one in the series is currently in for framing. 


The second photo is my best friend Juan and I at the Gothic Invasion picnic at the botanical gardens.

Next is me shooting my dad’s shotgun for the first time! It was lots of fun but the kickback gave me a large bruise. 

Lastly, here’s a photo of me and my rat, Merlin, on his 1st birthday! He turned one on 29th November. It looks like he’s smiling! 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!




A fun trip to Cullinan

Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to share the lovely day I had this Saturday. My family competed in the mountain bike race in Cullinan on Saturday, and I decided to tag along to explore and shop. 

All ready to go! And my hair is back to the colour I like

First I had to have a cappuccino and breakfast at Harrie’s Pancakes of course! I had a hard time deciding what to eat because so many of the options sound delicious, but I went with the biltong and mozzarella pancake which was definitely a good choice! 

After my lovely breakfast, I headed towards the shops, taking in the scenery and looking at interesting thingies along the way, like this giant ring outside a jeweller:

I found the most unusual place called Jan Harmsgat se Agterplaas – it’s a little theatre that’s also used as a wedding venue and is open to the public to walk around and take a look at the strange decor.

After looking at all the shops at the bottom of the street, I headed back up to visit the secondhand book shop called Once Upon A Time that hadn’t opened yet when I walked past earlier. Inside I met the shop cat, who was such a sweetheart, and the lovely shop owner Naòmi, who shares my love for fantasy novels. 

The beautiful shop kitty!

I spent over 2 hours in the shop talking to Naòmi about books and our interests, and she fetched the books I was looking for from her house so I could buy them! She really went out of her way to make sure I got the books I wanted. 

The books Naòmi brought from her personal collection for me!

After I paid for the books, we sat down again and talked. That’s when I spotted this gem. I couldn’t believe my luck! Anyone who knows me knows that I love history, particularly medieval history. This book is beautifully illustrated and contains lots of information about time periods that I had never even heard of! 

I had such a great day and I hope you enjoyed reading about it! 



My Favourite Pictures and Memories from October

Hello everyone!

Here’s another post that’s part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month October swap on Swap-Bot.


This month has been very hectic due to events with my jewellery stall and projects for university. Luckily I have a few photos to share.


The first two photos are from rAge Expo, which is a gaming and geek convention. I had my jewellery stall there the whole weekend. It was awesome, but I got barely any sleep! These were my two cosplay looks for the weekend – the first being Megara the forest nymph (the tattoo on my arm – I will write a blog post about her sometime soon). The second was my Little Sister cosplay from Bioshock. I made the cosplay myself and I am so happy with it!




The next one is an adorable photo of my three rats sleeping in their hammock! From left to right, they are: Dovahkiin, Eddie and Merlin! They don’t often sleep in the same spot at the moment because it’s so hot, so I just had to capture this moment.



My university’s year end function theme was Rebels & Outlaws and a few people begged me to dress Goth so I did 🙂 Here I am with my research methodology lecturer Hawken and my Brand Challenge cheerleader (the lecturer that was assigned to my group for Brand Challenge to keep up our morale), Amelia. We made up a story that they were a couple and I was their lovechild because our outfits matched so perfectly!



And lastly, here’s my boyfriend and I on Halloween. We decided to go as vampires, because he hates dressing up and it was the least amount of effort xD



I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!




My DIY Little Sister from Bioshock cosplay!

Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while, sorry!

I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to share my Little Sister cosplay that I made for rAge Expo at the beginning of this month! I am still deciding whether or not to wear this for Halloween as well.


For those of you who don’t know what a Little Sister looks like, here are some references:


I bought a blue corduroy dress on Bid or Buy for very cheap, and modified it into a Little Sister dress! I have no prop-making skills so I got my friend Leena to make the ADAM syringe for me 🙂




Here’s what I did in order to change this dress into a Little Sister dress:

  1. Cut off the sleeves and about 10cm from the skirt and lined them with white.
  2. Made an apron to tie over the dress.
  3. Added 4 large white buttons above the apron line.
  4. Threw fake blood on everything!


Here’s what I did to complete the look:

  1. Inserted Eye Voodoo contact lenses – I got the Angelic Hazel. Yes I know Little Sisters have yellow eyes, but I didn’t want to buy lenses that I can only wear with this specific look.
  2. I simply did my foundation as usual, but instead of using a translucent powder to set the foundation, I softly went over my skin with white eye shadow
  3. Filled in eyebrows black as usual
  4. Added thicker white eye shadow around my eyes
  5. Added eyeliner in my waterline
  6. Put a little bit of grey lipstick in the centre of my lips and used a brush to smudge it out, creating a dead look.
  7. Tied half of my hair up with a blue ribbon.
  8. And done!


I had so much fun making and wearing this cosplay! It was the first time I cosplayed “properly”, i.e. not my own original characters like I usually do. Bioshock is my favourite game series of all time so I hope I did it justice.




Let me know what you think!





My Favourite Pictures and Memories from September

Hello everyone!

Here’s another post that’s part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month September swap on Swap-Bot.


On 3rd September, I had a stall at the Medieval Fayre! Here’s how my stall looked. I was dressed up as a Gothic elf.




Here’s myself and my friend Annari at Attrition, which is our only regular Goth event. I always love dressing up for Attrition!




I had a group project for university that spanned over most of August and September. It was called Brand Challenge and here is a photo of our group.




It was my birthday on the 26th and I went out for dinner with my family. We asked the waiter to take a photo of us and he said we should take a funny photo as well, hehe.




On the 28th it was my brother’s birthday and we went out for cake. This is a cookies and cream cake and it was delicious!




I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite memories from September!





My Favourite Pictures and Memories from August 

​Hello everyone!

Here’s another post that’s part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month August swap on Swap-Bot

Starbucks and Krispy Kreme only recently opened in South Africa so we took a trip to Johannesburg (about an hour drive) to go to Mall Of Africa where they have both. I loved it! I just wish it was closer. 

I got a new phone and it has an amazing camera, so here’s the first selfie I took with it. I really like this photo of me. 

This is an interesting cocktail I had at a new restaurant that I checked out. It’s called a Berry Press and you use the coffee plunger to crush the berries and add flavour to the cocktail. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos! I’ll be posting more often again now because our hectic group project is finishing up today. 



Me from A-Z

Hello everyone!


I thought this would be a fun one to do. It’s actually for a swap on Swap-Bot called ESG: Me from A-Z 2. This was actually quite tricky for some letters!


A – Ayame Designs. My jewellery business where I sell my handmade jewellery.

B – Burgers. My favourite type of food. I love going to new restaurants to try their burgers.

C – Corsets. I love them and wish I could wear them every day! I have an entire drawer in my cupboard just for my corsets.

D – Denmark. I went there on holiday in 2015 for a month and fell in love with the place. I want to move there in a few years.

E – Empathy. I am able to place myself in others’ shoes and experience their pain. This makes me always want to help others but often people take advantage of this.

F – Folk Metal. My favourite genre of music! My favourite bands are Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, Finntroll, Northland and Månegarm.

G – Goth. I love Gothic fashion and music. Being Goth is a huge part of my life and who I am.

H – Hair. I love to dye my hair unnatural colours but I have had the green and black for over a year now because I love it so much! I just recently put dark blue in my ends to change it up a little bit.

I – Introvert. I’m very shy and keep to myself in strange situations or some people I know. But once I get to know a person I can’t shut up!

J – Jossie Ayame. My modeling name. Modeling is one of the most important things in my life.

K – Kindness. I always try to be kind to others. People are usually shocked when they find out how nice I am because of preconceptions about Goths.

L – Lace. My favourite fabric. I wear lace almost every day.

M – Moon. I love looking at the moon at night. I find it very beautiful and calming.

N – Nostril piercing. I wanted my nostril pierced for years but due to my extreme phobia of needles (yes, I know it sounds silly because I have many tattoos and a few piercings), I only got it done two years ago. I chickened out on four separate occasions before I finally got it done and then it turned out to be the least painful piercing I have ever gotten.

O – Opinionated. I’m very opinionated and I know what I want. Sometimes this is a good thing but sometimes it causes problems with people.

P – Purple. My favourite colour! My entire room (even the walls) is dark purple.

Q – Queens. I am obsessed with anything relating to the medieval era and my favourite ruler was Queen Elizabeth I of England.

R – Rats. I have 3! They are called Merlin, Eddie and Dovahkiin.

S – Sushi. I am addicted to sushi and would eat it every day if I could.

T – Travel. I love to travel and have a very long bucket list of places I want to see!

U – University. I’m currently completing my honours in Strategic Brand Communication.

V – Violin. I play the violin. I played from the age of 5 until 13 and just recently started again!

W – Winter. My favourite season. I love snow and cold weather.

X – X-rays. I’m very accident prone so I often go for x-rays. Luckily I’ve only ever broken one bone and it was when I was very young.

Y – Yesterday. Creating memories is very important to me so I can look back on every day and have something to remember from it.

Z – Zombies. I love zombie movies and series.


I hope you enjoyed this list!