My Favourite Pictures and Memories from June

Hi everyone!

This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month June swap on Swap-Bot. I’ve been so busy that I almost completely forgot about it. Oops!


This first pic was myself and my stall helper at Fantasy Fayre on 2nd June! The event was loads of fun, and my sales were good 🙂


Next up is this photo I snapped of Mavis sleeping in my lap while I was making jewellery! I was stocking up on my Deathly Hallows necklaces!


This picture is an incredible piece of fan art that someone made of me! I think this is my favourite fan art I’ve ever received!


This is probably the cutest photo I have taken of my kitten, Mavis, so far! She loves posing but this one is just so adorable!


One of my friends also taught me how to use clay in June! This is my first ever clay creation. Isn’t he cute?


The last weekend of June I had my jewellery stall at ICON. I shared a stall with my friend Charlie from Kulcha Kollektive.

I also got to meet Raymond E Feist and get all of my books signed! If you haven’t heard of him, I’d highly recommend you read his Riftwar Saga if you enjoy fantasy novels!


I also just recently announced that my husband and I will be immigrating to Belgium in December! We are so excited for this change!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!





My Favourite Pictures and Memories from May

Hi everyone!


This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month May swap on Swap-Bot. This month was relatively uneventful except for markets so I apologise in advance!


So let’s start where we left off – I went to Cape Town for FanCon but we spent a two extra days there so I only came back on the 2nd of May. I got to spend some time with my best friend, Juan! We went to Beerhouse, which was great.


That Friday, I went for my Wednesday Addams tattoo! I did post a photo on Facebook, but I am going for a touch up soon so will rather share another photo when it is complete. I am so in love with this piece though!


On the 5th I had my stall at Metal United World Wide and had lots of fun with great people. Here’s one of our selfies from the night.

On the 6th I had another stall at Alt. Market – First Sunday of Every Month and I took this cute photo of my friend Bree! We are complete opposites but we are great friends!


On the 14th I received my first Firefly Book Bags subscription and I was definitely not disappointed! This was a great surprise and featured lots of magical and Harry Potter themed goodies. I love that they customised the patronus bag to each person’s patronus! My favourite thing is definitely the Howler bag – if you know anything about Harry Potter then you’ll immediately see it! I have not had time to read the book yet, but I will soon!


I received an incredible headpiece from Black Frame Odditorium which I will use for a shoot soon! I don’t want to reveal the entire headpiece, but here’s a sneak peek! Isn’t it stunning?!


On the 19th and 20th I had my stall at GeekFest! It didn’t go as well as I had planned, but I did have fun. Here’s my female Beetlejuice cosplay from the Sunday!


On the 26th and 27th I also had stalls! But the 26th was our World Goth Day event which was held at Melrose House – Pretorian Victorian & The Art of Goth on World Goth Day. It was a lovely day, and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s cool outfits. I even did a quick photoshoot of my outfit with Kitty Bee Photography:


That night I went out to Red Room with Bree! I managed to get quite a bit of dancing in so it was an overall great night.


On the 27th I had a stall at Kief Modils Charity Market Day. Janine from Kitty Bee Photography and I decided to start up ALT Thrift Gear where we sell secondhand alternative clothing. We set this stall up in between ours and it did very well! So we’ve decided to keep on doing it until we run out of clothes (or get sick of it!).



I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!


PS – Some exciting news is coming soon!






Meet Mavis!

Hi everyone!

Yes, this post is long overdue, I know! But I wanted to introduce you all to our new family member!

Why we got a new kitten

As you might know if you follow my blog or any of my social media, I’ve had an extremely rough year, with five of my pets passing away in the past few months.

I have always been a huge animal lover and I could not handle the house being so empty. My happiness is very much dependant on being surrounded by animals. We went from having six pets to just one in under three months. My husband and I had been thinking about getting another cat for a while, so then we decided that it was time. We started looking around on the Facebook pages of various rescues. And then we found Mavis!

So why Mavis?

Mavis is a rescue kitten. We got her from Catz R Us in March. I would highly recommend them if you are in Pretoria and looking to adopt a cat or kitten!

We specifically wanted to get a black kitten (gender did not matter), as I know that they are the least likely to find homes. I’ve always had a soft spot for the “rejects” that no one wants. I fell in love as soon as I saw her photo, and when I saw her name I just knew she was the one.

Mavis is the name the rescue gave to her and we loved it! She is named after Mavis in the movie Hotel Transylvania, which is one of my favourite animation movies.

What’s she like?

Mavis is extremely cuddly and needy! She will follow you wherever you go because she doesn’t want to be alone. She loves to cuddle, and now that winter is here she even sleeps under the blankets!

She always sits in my lap when I make jewellery – she loves being my assistant!

She likes to give people kisses, and almost never stops purring!

She’s also a little monkey and loves to climb trees!

She is incredibly full of energy and always wants to play. She drives my other cat, Rits, absolutely insane because of it. She loves to play with all her toys, but also enjoys playing with boxes. Currently she has 4 boxes lying around the house that she plays with. We can’t get rid of them because then she cries.

I honestly cannot begin to describe the joy she has brought to our lives.

She has her own Instagram! Follow her if your want to see more of her: @mavis_the_kitty_cat

Adopt, don’t shop 🖤



My Favourite Pictures and Memories from April

Hi everyone!

I almost almost forgot to do this post this month again! This year is just flying by. This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month April swap on Swap-Bot.

So let’s start right where we left off last month! The weekend of  the 30th was Lush Festival, so my friend David and I drove through to Clarens on Saturday night with the intention of arriving at 2am then getting some sleep. Unfortunately we got a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere and only arrived in Clarens at 5:30am! We managed to get some sleep and enjoy the festival. The reason we drove all that way was to see Bowling For Soup live, as they were one of our favourite bands back in high school. The show was amazing – we were right in front and I even ended up catching one of their guitar picks! Here is a photo of us, as well as a photo taken by Wayde Flowerday Photography. Can you spot me right in front? 🙂



That following Saturday, I first had a market at Thrashers, and myself and two other stall holders decided to show off my new crowns that I am selling!



And then that evening, I took Kalyca and Bree to Red Room for the first time! It was an amazing night filled with lots of dancing.


And then this lovely lady that I have been stalking on social media for ages decided to pitch up there so we could finally meet!



That next day, Kayleigh and I went to Lory Park Zoo for the day! We got to pet the servals!


Unfortunately after that amazing weekend, I was sick for about 2 weeks. And then I had a very unpleasant experience at home affairs while trying to get my ID card and passport issued in my married surname. Overall I had two really crappy weeks. But then luckily Kayleigh came to save the day again! She came over to my hourse on the 22nd again for dinner and it was great to finally hang out with someone again after being sick.


The following week was just absolute chaos as I was getting the last things ready for FanCon while trying to keep up with work. But at least on the 27th, Kalyca and I flew down to Cape Town for FanCon! That night I went out to Gandalf’s for Gothic Resurrection – an event I’ve been wanting to attend for years now! I got to see Juan and Simi so that made it even better. I honestly can’t remember the last time I danced so much! I miss having regular goth events in Gauteng!


And now for the FanCon pics! On the Friday I was supposed to wear my Little Sister (from Bioshock) cosplay, but I left the apron at home in Pretoria (oops!), so I improvised an outfit. I bought these amazing horns at the event from a lovely lady whose business is called Nightshade Designs! They look like they were made for me!


On day 2 I cosplayed Mavis from Hotel Transylvania! It was fun, but I don’t really like the short hair on me. I think I pulled it off though! I also did a shoot with Phantom Pixel Photography so will have some cute pics of me in cosplay soon!


I didn’t make as much as I was hoping for at FanCon, but I still had loads of fun!


And that was my extremely busy and mostly exciting April!


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month! And yes, I know I still need to write a post about my kitten, Mavis. Being sick messed around my entire posting schedule but I will do it soon!




My Favourite Pictures and Memories from March

Hi everyone!

I almost entirely forgot to do this post this month because I have been so busy! This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month March swap on Swap-Bot.

On the 3rd of March I had a stall at A Viking Thing. It was extremely busy and I had loads of fun!

I also got two handpoked rune tattoos done that are very personal to me. I took this cool selfie while getting them done!

On the 10th of March I had a busy day! I went to visit my friend Krisne and we went for tea and thift shopping. I bought the most beautiful dresses to use for photoshoots. Then in the evening I DJ’ed at Goth/Industrial Night at The Doors! My friends Bree and Chris came to support me and we danced most of the night away!

The following day we finally got our new kitten, Mavis!!! We love her to bits already. I’ll write a post all about her in the next two weeks!

On the 18th I went to the Brooklyn Theatre with my friend Simone for a very interesting show! They were showing the original 1922 silent film Nosferatu and had 3 musicians performing their own music to accompany the film. We both really enjoyed it. I thought it was the perfect time to wear my Nosferatu necklace!

On the 24th we had a bunch of friends over for a braai (barbeque for my non-South African readers), and to play Cards Against Humanity! It was a hilarious evening but we forgot to take photos.

On the 25th I went to the Pokemon Community day with some friends to catch some special Bulbasaurs! I took this cute photo with one!

On the 30th I had a stall and DJ’ed at The Freakquency Transmission. I managed to watch all the bands I wanted to see and had a great time.

And finally on the 31st I had an amazing Beetlejuice inspired shoot with Jes Hunter Photography! Here’s the sneak peek photo that I took. We have not released any of the photos yet 🙂

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!




My Favourite Pictures and Memories from February

Hi everyone!


This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month February swap on Swap-Bot.


My apologies for my lack of posts. This year hasn’t been kind so far. I skipped January’s post because I was struggling with my depression. I almost skipped this month as well, but I did have a few good memories that I would like to share. This is going to be a much shorter post than usual, sorry.


On the 2nd, I visited my friend Simone and we got sushi for dinner. Can you believe I ate this entire platter by myself?


For Valentines Day we had a fun photobooth at work! Here’s my favourite photo, featuring my coworker Mbale!


I had markets on the 17th and 18th, and got lots of cool goodies! I wanted to take a photo of the things I got, but Rits decided that it was a good place to go nap. The goodies I got included:


The most exciting thing about February is that we decided to adopt a kitten! This is Mavis, and she is coming home to us this Sunday, 11th March! Here’s a photo of her that I took on my weekly visit on 22nd Feb. I’ll write a whole post about her and her story once she’s settled in.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!





Our Fantasy Wedding!

Hi everyone!

As you might know by now, I got married on 25th November 2017. I thought I’d share some of our photos and the highlights of the day. Perhaps it inspires some of you who are planning your wedding!

Thank you to Swallow-Tail Photography for the beautiful photography and makeup!

We got married at The Moors Castle in Muldersdrift. The wedding was outside, but it was pouring with rain the entire day! Luckily we still managed to have the wedding outside as planned, even though we needed umbrellas and gazebos.


My dress is a vintage wedding dress that I picked up at an antique shop. I had it modified by dyeing it (it used to be cream coloured!) and adding black lace details & beadwork to make it more my style. I wore a bustle pad underneath my dress, and wore platform boots to give me some height in a way that I wouldn’t get stuck in mud. My mother made my crown (which I forgot to put on before walking down the isle, oops!) and I made the necklace to match.

My ring is sterling silver with black and white zirconias and was custom designed for me. My husband’s ring is black titanium with a chain pattern detail.

My mother helped me get ready. I didn’t even know that she had rented a dress that matched mine! She didn’t see the dress until on the day, but knew what the colour scheme was of course, as she helped me with arrangements.

My dad of course didn’t think of colour schemes and chose the most random umbrella to walk me down the isle! Behind us you can see the guests sitting under a gazebo.

Our ceremony took place under this beautiful willow tree. Unfortunately because of the rain we had to set up the gazebo under the tree, but it still worked!

My bouquet was made up of dark purple arum lilies, white roses and some filler flowers.

We had a handfasting where we tied an infinity knot that we kept. A tutorial for this knot can easily be found on YouTube.

The kiss!

And now for some of my favourite posed photos:


The reception was held at our house. We hired a tent, tables, chairs, glasses, etc and got a guy caters at functions (the food was amazing!). Instead of a cake, we had absolutely beautiful (and delicious) cupcakes that were made by Tascha’s Cakes!


I hope you enjoyed looking at some of our wedding photos! Next week the post about our honeymoon will be up – I didn’t want to post about the honeymoon before the wedding!