My Favourite Pictures and Memories from August 

​Hello everyone!

Here’s another post that’s part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month August swap on Swap-Bot

Starbucks and Krispy Kreme only recently opened in South Africa so we took a trip to Johannesburg (about an hour drive) to go to Mall Of Africa where they have both. I loved it! I just wish it was closer. 

I got a new phone and it has an amazing camera, so here’s the first selfie I took with it. I really like this photo of me. 

This is an interesting cocktail I had at a new restaurant that I checked out. It’s called a Berry Press and you use the coffee plunger to crush the berries and add flavour to the cocktail. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos! I’ll be posting more often again now because our hectic group project is finishing up today. 




Me from A-Z

Hello everyone!


I thought this would be a fun one to do. It’s actually for a swap on Swap-Bot called ESG: Me from A-Z 2. This was actually quite tricky for some letters!


A – Ayame Designs. My jewellery business where I sell my handmade jewellery.

B – Burgers. My favourite type of food. I love going to new restaurants to try their burgers.

C – Corsets. I love them and wish I could wear them every day! I have an entire drawer in my cupboard just for my corsets.

D – Denmark. I went there on holiday in 2015 for a month and fell in love with the place. I want to move there in a few years.

E – Empathy. I am able to place myself in others’ shoes and experience their pain. This makes me always want to help others but often people take advantage of this.

F – Folk Metal. My favourite genre of music! My favourite bands are Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, Finntroll, Northland and Månegarm.

G – Goth. I love Gothic fashion and music. Being Goth is a huge part of my life and who I am.

H – Hair. I love to dye my hair unnatural colours but I have had the green and black for over a year now because I love it so much! I just recently put dark blue in my ends to change it up a little bit.

I – Introvert. I’m very shy and keep to myself in strange situations or some people I know. But once I get to know a person I can’t shut up!

J – Jossie Ayame. My modeling name. Modeling is one of the most important things in my life.

K – Kindness. I always try to be kind to others. People are usually shocked when they find out how nice I am because of preconceptions about Goths.

L – Lace. My favourite fabric. I wear lace almost every day.

M – Moon. I love looking at the moon at night. I find it very beautiful and calming.

N – Nostril piercing. I wanted my nostril pierced for years but due to my extreme phobia of needles (yes, I know it sounds silly because I have many tattoos and a few piercings), I only got it done two years ago. I chickened out on four separate occasions before I finally got it done and then it turned out to be the least painful piercing I have ever gotten.

O – Opinionated. I’m very opinionated and I know what I want. Sometimes this is a good thing but sometimes it causes problems with people.

P – Purple. My favourite colour! My entire room (even the walls) is dark purple.

Q – Queens. I am obsessed with anything relating to the medieval era and my favourite ruler was Queen Elizabeth I of England.

R – Rats. I have 3! They are called Merlin, Eddie and Dovahkiin.

S – Sushi. I am addicted to sushi and would eat it every day if I could.

T – Travel. I love to travel and have a very long bucket list of places I want to see!

U – University. I’m currently completing my honours in Strategic Brand Communication.

V – Violin. I play the violin. I played from the age of 5 until 13 and just recently started again!

W – Winter. My favourite season. I love snow and cold weather.

X – X-rays. I’m very accident prone so I often go for x-rays. Luckily I’ve only ever broken one bone and it was when I was very young.

Y – Yesterday. Creating memories is very important to me so I can look back on every day and have something to remember from it.

Z – Zombies. I love zombie movies and series.


I hope you enjoyed this list!





My Top 10 Metal Albums From 2015

I actually had this post finished a while ago but forgot to post it! 2015 was a great year for metal, and many albums born in this year are some of my all time favourites. So without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite albums from 2015:


10. My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery

I’ll be completely honest, I’m quite new to doom metal, but I really enjoyed this album and it has gotten me into more doom metal. I fell in love with the overall sound of the album because while the lyrics and music are very deep and often dark, the music has a seemingly melancholic ambiance at the same time.


9. Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls

Who doesn’t get excited when a new Iron Maiden album is released? This album is overall beautifully composed as always and of course since hearing that Iron Maiden will be blessing our country with their presence this year, this album has had a greater impact on many of us South Africans than some of their previous albums (not that there has ever been an unsatisfactory Iron Maiden album!). Unfortunately it is obvious that Bruce doesn’t have the power in his voice that he used to have, but at least he’s not letting that stop him.


8. Stratovarius – Eternal

Before this album I honestly didn’t listen to Stratovarius much as I prefer Sonata Arctica’s sound (I have often heard the two being compared to each other), but this album may have converted me to a Stratovarius fan. The melodic and symphonic elements had me hooked from the first song. This album seems to be heavier than some of their other recent work, but it’s definitely a good change.


7. Ensiferum – One Man Army

This album was an excellent comeback after their slightly disappointing previous album Unsung Heroes, where I only enjoyed about half the songs on the album. There were quite a few negative reviews for this album, but I think that everyone is still just angry about Unsung Heroes and probably won’t let it go for a while. While this release isn’t as folkish (if that makes sense) as their previous albums it’s still a very good listen. It mostly features heavier songs with the catchy sing-along choruses that Ensiferum fans love. Definitely a staple album in any folk metal fan’s library.


6. Orden Ogan – Ravenhead

As a relatively new Orden Ogan fan, I was impressed by this album as it has stronger melodies and songwriting than To The End, the only other Orden Ogan album I really know well enough to comment on. This is also a great sing-along album with catchy choruses and typical power riffs.


5. Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Nightwish seemed to have lost their hype in recent years, but this album put them back on the map. New vocalist Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever) did an amazing job stepping out of her comfort zone and taking on the task of becoming the frontwoman of one of the once most loved symphonic metal bands in a very successful mission to revive them. Tuomas Holopainen is a musical genius and this album is the embodiment of perfection. It might even be his best work yet. Rumour has it that they will also be visiting South Africa this year and you can be sure that I will be right in front for this show!


4. Gloryhammer – Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards

Super cheesy power metal at its finest. This is one of those albums that I can listen to over and over again. While I know this type of music is not everyone’s cup of tea, this is definitely one of my favourite albums of all time. I love the weird and wonderful story that the album reveals about the epic adventures through the kingdom of Fife. This album is much more symphonic and epic than their debut album and has a possibly Rhapsody of Fire inspired sound.


3. Månegarm – Månegarm

One of the more recent metal releases, this one is still very fresh in my mind. I don’t think I have ever wanted to get my hands on a band’s entire discography after listening to one album before until I found this one. I had known about Månegarm for a while but for some reason never actually listened to them before this album. I regret not listening to them sooner because this album has me hooked! They might very well be one of my favourite bands now!


2. Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed

Another great release from Powerwolf, but this one actually took a while to catch on. In the beginning I was not so impressed and complained a lot, but this really is an excellent release. Their fusion of operatic and “churchy” vocals and keyboards with power metal works absolutely perfectly. Powerwolf never fails to impress and I’m yet to find another band who does something even similar to what they do!


1. Korpiklaani – Noita

Naturally my favourite band is at the top of this list, but even though I always anticipate a Korpiklaani release, this album blew me away. It definitely exceeded my expectations in every way and is by far my favourite Korpiklaani album to date! This album definitely has more of a drinking song vibe than some of their other stuff and is amazing to sing along to (I would know! Seeing them live in September was the best day of my life!). Korpiklaani really is like wine, getting better and better with age. I’m excited to hear what they produce next.


Do you agree with my list? What are your favourite metal albums from 2015?



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Folk Metal Problems

If you’re a folk metal fan like myself, you often deal with frustration with society. Here are some of the problems we have to deal with. This article is meant to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously.

I’ll be discussing folk metal problems on my radio show on The Grind Radio on Thursday 6th November from 1 til 3pm (GMT+2) so tune in for some fun! It will be happening in the later half of my show, after the Goth Rock and Industrial/EBM section (just a heads up for the metalheads who can’t stand Goth music).

So without further delays, here are the very real folk metal fan problems:


1. Having to explain what folk metal is to someone who’s never heard of it.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with combining Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash with metal. That would be a disaster.


2. You: “I listen to folk Metal”. Ignorant person: “Oh, like Amon Amarth?”

Adding viking themed lyrics to melodic death metal does not make it folk metal. Amon Amarth is awesome, but they are not folk metal.


3. When people assume you must be a Pagan. 

What does listening to music about elves, vikings, epic battles and olden gods have to do with my religious views?


4. You can’t tell anyone who your favourite band or what your favourite song is because you can’t pronounce it.

When trying to explain my favourite Finntroll song I end up having to point to it in my iTunes after attempting to pronounce it (and failing miserably) five times.


5. Even when they are singing in English you can’t understand them because of their accents.

You end up having to Google the song lyrics just to be certain that the English title of the song isn’t misleading and that they are in fact singing in English.


6. That awkward moment when you’re blasting some folk metal in the car and you realise you’re getting weird looks from people because all they can hear are the crazy flute or violin solos.

Every Eluveitie fan has had to deal with this.


7. You want to wear a kilt but know it would look ridiculous.

Unfortunately kilt-wearing is not something everyone easily accepts.


8. You can’t listen to music without a beer in your hand.

Not always a problem, but true story. Folk metal is the best drinking and party music and should be enjoyed with a drink in one hand and a wench in the other.


I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to suggest more Folk metal problems in the comments!

Here’s a song to finish off the list:




An Oppikoppi Festival Virgin’s Experience & Tips For Next Year

So I went to my first Oppikoppi Festival this weekend and I hated it – not because the festival was bad, but because I wasn’t prepared. So here are the top 5 things I wish I knew before Oppikoppi so that I could have enjoyed it. At least next year I know what to expect and won’t make these mistakes again. I hope this can help other ‘Koppi virgins to prepare so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.


1. The dust really is that bad.

I’m very allergic to dust but have been camping before many times without taking my allergy meds. I assumed that everyone was exaggerating and left my prescription allergy medication at home. BIG MISTAKE. I was feeling tired and sickly all weekend, and on Saturday night I had to basically be carried to the medics because I couldn’t breathe. Of course they didn’t have prescription drugs so could only give me Allergex, which didn’t help much. They advised me to get an allergy injection before I go next year and to bring my medication with because I will most probably still need it. Even if you aren’t allergic to dust, I suggest you prepare yourself. At the beginning of the festival I laughed at the people wearing medical masks and stuff because they looked funny, but eventually I wish I had done that. Wearing a buff over your nose and mouth help a little bit, and there are loads of places to get them at shops beforehand  or at the festival if you don’t already have one.


2. Bring a gazebo.

We learned the hard way that bringing a cooler full of ice packs isn’t enough to keep your drinks and food cold. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday night all our ice packs had melted so we had to cook and eat all our food. Hundreds of Rands wasted because we specifically brought food so we didn’t have to buy food at the event, then ended up having to buy anyway. Also, the campsite is as hot as the flames of hell if you don’t have any shade. So yeah, if you don’t want to melt, bring a gazebo.


3. Never, ever work at Oppikoppi. Or at least not your first one.

You miss so much when you have to work. I couldn’t enjoy my first time because I felt like I was missing everything. Yes it sounds awesome to get paid to be at ‘Koppi, but trust me, it’s not worth the money. I’d rather pay the R750 for the ticket. You miss out on the whole experience if you work. We only saw one band’s entire show because of work (and being sick later). And the hours were terrible, and the pay was almost just as bad. For the whole weekend bartending, I made about what I make in one night waitering. And after the first day (we worked a double – 10am-2am), our feet were covered in blisters, we were exhausted and so covered in dust that all the wetwipes in the world couldn’t clean us. Which brings me to my next point…


4. Wetwipes, wetwipes and more wetwipes.

Bring wetwipes! There are showers (I didn’t know about them and didn’t bring a towel) but the queues are always long and you have to be there very early if you want hot water. We bought 2 packs of wetwipes between myself and my boyfriend, and we ran out by Friday. So make sure you bring enough wetwipes, or else prepare to look like a homeless person for the rest of the weekend.

Here’s how my shoes and legs looked after working on Thursday (I’m actually VERY pale, that is a dust tan):



5. If you’ll be upset if it gets broken, damaged or stolen, leave it at home.

I cannot stress this enough. Just to give an idea, we had two awesome mugs – a Trooper beer cup which was bought for me by a friend at Download Festival and a limited edition Black Label mug. Emphasis on had. The Trooper mug got stolen on the first night and on Thursday afternoon we found that some idiot had thrown his lit cigarette in the Black Label mug, which had melted into the plastic bottom, ruining it completely. Don’t bring anything valuable or sentimental, it will be stolen or destroyed, or covered in vomit (your own or a random stranger’s).


So these are just a few of the things I wish I knew. I’d love to hear some of your tips and experiences in the comments!