My Huge Gothic Shoe Collection (36 Pairs Of Shoes!)

Hi everyone!

My apologies for the delay in posting this! I recently decided to go through my shoes, as I gave been told by many people that I have a shoe hoarding problem. I decided to use this opportunity to show off my shoe collection, which while it might be considered impressive, the majority of it is actually thrifted! After going through my 36 pairs of shoes, I could only bring myself to part with a few of them.

Here is the entire collection (Okay, I lie, three pairs are missing from this photo – two were in my car and one I was gifted later. Apologies for the bad quality photos of those three pairs). This excludes boring basic shoes like black pumps and sandals.

So let’s jump right into it! For each shoe, I’ll list the brand and name of the shoe if I know it, as well as whether I bought them new or secondhand. If they are for sale as part of my declutter, I will link to my Facebook album – sorry South Africa only as international shipping is too expensive! If you would like me to do a post on thrifting and thrifting tips, let me know!


Platform boots

1 – New Rock Boots

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


2 – Demonia – Furious 301 (discontinued product)

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


3 – Demonia – Trashville 518

Bought new from Heels2Heaven.


4 – New Rock Boots

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


5 – Demonia – Clash 430

Imported from Hot Topic (I got these in 2008 – these were my first pair of platform boots!).


6 – Unknown brand

Thrifted from a hospice shop for R15. Yes, you read that right, R15! They are falling apart but I absolutely love them!


Heeled Platform Boots

7 – Limited Edition by Footwork

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


8 – Pleaser – Kiss 2049

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


9 – Demonia – Slush 249

Bought for me as a gift by my parents a few years back.


10 – Unknown brand

Bought new at Montana Traders Market.


11 – El Dante

Bought secondhand in a random shop in a small town for R150! These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I own!


12 – Unknown brand.

Bought new at Montana Traders Market.


Heels & Platformed Heels

13 – Unknown brand.

Bought new at Montana Traders Market.


14 – Woolworths

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


15 – MRP

Bought new at Mr Price. For sale here!


16 – Bordello – Teeze 07L

Bought for me as a gift by my husband a few years ago. Sadly they are too small for me. For sale here!


17 – Unknown brand

I think I bought these at Mr Price. For sale here!


18 – Sexy With Attitude

Bought new from YDE. Sold.


19 – Bordello – Teeze 20

Bought brand new from a friend who never wore them.


20 – Unknown brand

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


21 – Demonia

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group. Sold.


22 – Ellie

Bought secondhand on a Facebook group.


23 – I Love Shoes brand.

Bought new from YDE. For sale here!


24 – Unknown brand.

I can’t remember where I got these. I think they were from Mr Price? I’ve had them for almost a decade.


25 – Unknown brand.

Bought secondhand from a hospice shop.


Flat Shoes & Boots

26 – Dr Martens

Bought new while in Denmark on holiday.


27 – Unknown brand

Bought secondhand at an antique shop. Sold.


28 – Unknown brand

Bought at Montana Traders Market.


29 – Exico!

Gifted to me by a friend.


30 – Savoy.

Bought new at Woolworths.


31 – Everybody

Bought secondhand while in Denmark on holiday.


32 – MRP

Bought new at Mr Price.


33 – The Fix

Bought new at The Fix.


Other Shoes

34 – Woolworths

Bought new at Woolworths.


35 – Free2BU

Bought new at Edgars.


36 – Dr Martens.

Gifted to me by a friend!




I hope you enjoyed seeing my shoe collection!




January Work Outfits

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite outfits I wore to work this month. Often times I get asked how I can keep a Goth look at work, so I hope this inspired some of you! I’ll be doing this every month.

Some background on my job:

I work for a corporate company that deals with financial wellness, medical aid, funeral coverage, etc. I work for the online shop team that is part of the rewards program. While my division is much more relaxed about how people look, the rest of the company is very conservative and formal in appearance. I tone down my normal look for work, but I still manage to pull off noticeably Goth looks while still being professional.

Outfit 1

Necklace: Ayame Designs

Top: Mr Price

Belt: China mall

Skirt: thrifted

Shoes: thrifted

Outfit 2

Brooch: La’ila Designs

Top: thrifted (Kelso brand, sold at Edgars)

Belt: Aliexpress

Skirt: handmade

Shoes: same as outfit 1

Outfit 3

Necklace: Ayame Designs

Bodysuit: Mr Price

Belt: China mall

Skirt: Mr Price

Outfit 4:

Necklace: Ayame Designs

Dress: Mr Price

Belt: thrifted (originally from Hot Topic)

Stockings: China mall

Wedges: Woolworths

Outfit 5:

Necklace: MissMoan

Top: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing

Belt: Aliexpress

Skirt: Mr Price

I hope you enjoyed looking at my work outfits!



OOTN: First Red Room Party For 2018

Hi everyone!

I want to start posting my outfits on here, as I often love to dress up when I go out! I’ll always link the brands or shops I got everything from when I can.

Last night I went to the first Red Room night for the year! Here’s what I looked like:

Foundation: Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up & Concealer
Under eye concealer: Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Liquid Concealer
Eye primer: Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadow Base
Setting powder: LA Girl Pro Powder

Eyebrows: Inglot eye shadow in black
Eye shadow: Mac in Gesso (white) and Inglot in black
Eyeliner: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen
Mascara: Rimmel ScandalEyes
Lipstick: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics in Black Cat

To achieve the hair look, all I did was tease my hair layer by layer, then bunch it up in the middle of my head to create the desired shape, and pin bobby pins and hair spray like crazy.

Contact lenses: Eye Voodoo
Hair clips: eBay
Collar: handmade by Christiaan Oberholzer
Dress: Black Pistol brand by Aderlass
Boots: New Rock (thrifted)


I hope you enjoyed this look!





Rosetic Haul & Review

Hi everyone.


I know it’s been AGES since I wrote a proper blog post – things have been really crazy with my wedding being less than 2 weeks away! I just have to share these awesome clothing items with you though!


A few months back, I stumbled upon Rosetic. I am often wary of buying clothing online, but they had amazing items, and very good reviews, so I decided to order a few goodies that caught my eye. Sadly one of the items I ordered were out of stock and was shipped two weeks later, so that piece has not arrived yet.


For each item I will show the listing image with the purchase link, followed by my review and own images. Please excuse the blurriness of some photos and my un-makeuped face. I did not stylise these items in any way so that I portray them in the most accurate way possible.


Purchase here

This top was the first item I pulled out of the envelope, and was actually the one I was most excited to receive.

So does it look like the picture? Well, not entirely. But I don’t hate it. I actually love it. The only thing that I really don’t like is how the fabric photographs on my phone, haha! The fabric is soft and breathable and the top is very comfortable due to the stretch. The only major issue I have with it is the cravat. It doesn’t look anything like the photo – it’s very one-dimensional, and it also only has one size setting which is too big. Luckily it is removable! I am sure that I can style it nicely though. The sizing issue is very easy to fix as well.

My favourite part of this top is the beautiful filigree pattern on the mesh:

I also love the button details on the sleeves. It also has a corset style lacing detail on the back, but I couldn’t take photos of that on my own.

Of course to style this top, I will tuck it in to a skirt and wear either a waist belt or an underbust corset with it.

This top will certainly see lots of wear in winter! And it will look gorgeous with the next item I’m going to show you!


Purchase here

I actually almost ended up not buying this skirt, but I am so glad I did!

As you can see, this skirt looks pretty much exactly like the image. I must admit though, the fabric isn’t what I thought it would be, but looking at the listing again, it is exactly what it says it is. The skirt is a cotton blend, and sits very comfortably. Because of the fabric, I can definitely wear this in summer as well as in winter. The buttons might be a nuisance to do up every time I put this skirt on though. I really love how figure hugging and comfortable it is though. This is also actually my first proper Victorian looking skirt!


Purchase here

This might sadly be the only item I am a little bit disappointed with.

I knew this dress was made of polyester, but the way it feels on the skin is not comfortable at all. I am hoping that once it’s been through the wash it will be feel a bit softer on the skin (and obviously much less crinkled, because that also made an impact on my thoughts on it). One thing that I am definitely not disappointed with though, is the size of the sleeves! I wanted a dress with MASSIVE bell sleeves and this is perfect. It is, however, a lot shorter than I anticipated, so I shall definitely be wearing this dress with opaque stockings rather than sheer.


Purchase here

I had some mixed feelings about this dress, but I realised why while I was writing this review.

This dress is the same sort of fabric as the previous dress and arrived super crinkled, which explains my instant dislike for it. It is a thinner fabric than the previous one, and definitely breathable and good for summer. For this listing, I didn’t read the material type and was expecting viscose or something similar but it turned out to be polyester. I do think that I can get wear out of this dress though once it’s been though the wash, and if styled correctly. I don’t like the belt that came with it, but I think one of my PVC or corset style waist belts can work really well.


Overall, I am very happy with my order. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again in the new year, but will double check the fabrics before ordering. I ordered all of these items in Medium and they fit true to size.


If you order from Rosetic or have ordered from them before, let me know what you think of their items!





Thrift Fair(s) Haul

Hello everyone!


I love thrifting because it’s an opportunity to get new additions to your wardrobe at an affordable price. I often find very nice items that become staples in my Gothic wardrobe.

Unfortunately in South Africa there aren’t many thrift stores and the ones we do have don’t have a large variety of clothing. This weekend I was so excited that there were TWO thrift fairs happening, organised by different people. I went with my friend from Clarens, who is visiting Pretoria for a while!


I got some really awesome things from both of them, so here are the things I got! Sorry for the poor quality photos. It’s very dark in my apartment and raining outside, so this is the best I could do.


The Harvest Thrift Fair at +27 Cafe – Saturday 23rd July

This thrift fair had free entry and was made up of different thrifty sellers selling their goods. I only bought items from two sellers – Backyard Vintage and Wear It Again. Here’s what I got!


Black top with ruffles and sheer sleeves. From Wear It Again.


Black velvet crop jacket. From Wear It Again.


Green sheer top with ruffles, buttons and bows! From Backyard Vintage.


Long-sleeved velvet top. From Backyard Vintage.

And my favourite find for the day…


El Dante’s platform boots! They have to be glued in a few places and will be dyed and painted black. From Backyard Vintage.


The Thrift Fair at Fort Schanskop, Voortrekker Monument – Sunday 24th July

This one did not feature different sellers. Instead, they had all the items together in a hall on railings, tables and other displays. I found that the prices here were much more reasonable in general. Here’s what I got!


Black lace top with ruffle and button detail.


Zip up top. This kind of reminds me of a military look and it is going to be customised with zippers and spikes.


Black cowboy boots! I have no idea what I’m going to wear these with yet but I think they will look cool.

I also got this dress that I will be using for a shoot! As you can see, I have started removing the golden flower pattern so that the dress is more to my liking (I’m not a fan of gold). I haven’t decided exactly what I am going to shoot with this yet, but it will be something awesome 😉



I’m also currently selling some of my clothes here, if you are interested!


Thanks for reading!





Gothic influences in commercial fashion

Back in the day, goths were looked down on and “normal” people were very unaccepting of their fashion choices. Today, Gothic influences are creeping into commercial fashion almost everywhere. From Alexander McQueen to Saint Laurent to Diesel. Leather and lace have even become leading winter trends which cannot be missed. I love that nowadays you can find a few Gothic garments in any store, even the “cheap” retailers stock some Gothic items. Every Fashion Week I find a few designers whose collections I absolutely adore because of the obvious Gothic influences. I am passionate about bringing Gothic influence into commercial fashion because I believe the two can work together; they don’t need to be opposing ideas as they were in the past.

Here are some of my favourite Gothic inspired looks from AW 14/15:

Vivienne Westwood Red Label – Romantic Goth

Saint Laurent A/W 14 – Wednesday Addams

Chic Freak – PVC dress & stockings

Alice + Olivia – Romantic

Diesel – Lots of leather

And here are my favourites from last year (AW 13/14):

Valentino – Wednesday Addams

H&M – Cut-out lace skirt

Dolce & Gabbana – Lace

Saint Laurent – Belt buckle dress

Katie Gallagher – Distressed hooded dress

There were many more but these were the ones that stood out for me the most. I hope to see the Gothic and dark romantic influence grow to create more beautiful garments like these.