My Favourite Pictures And Memories From September

Hi everyone!

Yes, I know this is the first time I am posting since last month’s favourites post. I have been crazy busy preparing for rAge Expo, so now that it’s over my life will be less chaotic. This post is part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month September swap on Swap-Bot. This month was quite eventful, so it will be a long post!

At the beginning of the month, I had a stall at the Medieval Fayre, and here’s a selfie of me and my stall helper!

I went to visit my friend in Clarens for a week and really enjoyed the time away from home. I miss her so much and wish that she didn’t live so far away.

A few months ago I ordered a dress which was meant to only take 10 days for international delivery, but it finally arrived. I love it so much! Also, I dyed my fringe purple!

My cat, Rits, also seems to have embraced being a “blanket cat” and has often decided to cuddle under the blankets this month!

My best friend decided to surprise me with these amazing books as an early birthday present! I have never owned a physical copy of either of these so I was over the moon to finally own them, especially since these are the beautifully illustrated versions!

One of the best things I did this month was have a stall at a Harry Potter festival! There was a Harry Potter themed photobooth so my friend and I decided to try it! It was actually the first time in my life that I tried a photobooth and I had so much fun with it!

On the 26th, it was my birthday! My parents got me the Polaroid Snap Touch! Here’s the first photo I printed with it! I am having so much fun with the camera but am using the photo paper sparingly.

I also went to watch the Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra perform Disney songs for my birthday, but sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos or videos inside the theatre.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about my month!





My Favourite Pictures and Memories from September

Hello everyone!

Here’s another post that’s part of the ESG: My favourite picture of the month September swap on Swap-Bot.


On 3rd September, I had a stall at the Medieval Fayre! Here’s how my stall looked. I was dressed up as a Gothic elf.




Here’s myself and my friend Annari at Attrition, which is our only regular Goth event. I always love dressing up for Attrition!




I had a group project for university that spanned over most of August and September. It was called Brand Challenge and here is a photo of our group.




It was my birthday on the 26th and I went out for dinner with my family. We asked the waiter to take a photo of us and he said we should take a funny photo as well, hehe.




On the 28th it was my brother’s birthday and we went out for cake. This is a cookies and cream cake and it was delicious!




I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite memories from September!





The Best Birthday Weekend Ever

I turned 21 on Friday, and thanks to the amazing people in my life, it was the best birthday I’ve ever had. I’ve never really had a good birthday before but this year, despite it not going according to plan (at all), it was so much fun.

On Thursday morning, I found out that the actual Iron Throne from Game of Thrones was in Sandton City for a few days, so I immediately dropped everything and went!


I’m so glad I had the time to go and see it. It was definitely worth it!

On Friday, I went for breakfast with my mother at a cute cafe near our house. Afterwards, the family gave me my presents, which included a beautiful antique vanity cabinet that I had my eye on for a while, and some Inglot makeup!



My boyfriend arrived around noon (he had taken the day off work) and we went to Ocean Basket for cocktails and lunch. When we got home, he helped me rearrange my room so that the vanity cabinet would fit and then we had a picnic outside in the garden until late. Unfortunately he couldn’t give me my present because the post office has been on strike for almost 2 months, and my present is stuck there, but he bought me beautiful roses and showed me what he bought me:


I really hope the corset arrives soon! I’m so excited to wear it for the first time!

On Saturday morning I had breakfast with my father at a retro restaurant in Lynnwood Bridge. After that, my boyfriend and me went to Sexpo, which honestly was a huge disappointment, but it was our first time going, so at least we know now. That evening, we went to Dark Noise’s Witches & Warlocks Party. It was a very quiet event, but all my friends were there, including some who drove almost an hour to be there and we had lots of fun. I also took my brother with because he was turning 18 on Sunday.

Sunday was basically my recovery day and time to finish projects for university, so I stayed in bed all day.

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend wonderful!