2016 in review and plans for 2017

Hi everyone!

Since 2016 is coming to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on this year and everything that has happened and that I have achieved. This year was especially tough for me because of my health issues, but I still managed to achieve a lot. So here are some of the important things that happened to me in 2016, in more-or-less chronological order:

1. I finally studied something I am passionate about!
After finishing 3 years of hell studying something I no longer enjoyed with terrible classmates, I finally found what I want to do with my life and managed to (almost) complete my postgraduate studies in Strategic Brand Communication. I now only have one exam left and then I will have completed my course.

2. I started playing violin again after almost 10 years.
After contemplating starting again since I discovered my love for folk metal a few years ago, I finally bought myself a beautiful electric violin and started playing again. While I am nowhere near as good as I would have liked to be by now, I have still learned a lot and I am loving it.

3. I became a rat lady.
My boyfriend and I got our first rats, Merlin and Eddie, in January and since then we adopted another one, Dovahkiin! We love them to bits and they have brought so much joy to our lives.


4. I quit my job at The Grind Radio.
While I loved doing my radio shows every week, I had to quit in order to focus on my studies. I still miss it, and hope to have a similar opportunity again one day! Being a radio host really helped to shape me as a person as it improved my confidence.

5. I got very ill.
One of the few negatives on this list. My health started declining around April, and we had no idea what was wrong. At the end of June, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and put on DHEA supplements. I was so ill that I couldn’t get out of bed many days and almost dropped out of university because of it. I am still on my medication, and battling with my condition, but it is much better and I feel like myself again.

6. I made a new friend!
I met my beautiful friend Lauren, who lives in Clarens, and met up with her a couple of times since we met in April. I love finally having a female friend who understands me and who I can talk to about anything, even though we don’t see each other often.


7. I started up Darklings Box.
Together with my friend Bree from Puff’s Handiwork, I started up South Africa’s only Goth subscription box. It has been lots of hard work, but also great fun coming up with themes and sourcing and creating items for each box.

8. I got published internationally (twice!).
This was a huge milestone for my modeling as I had felt like it was going downhill for a while. I got published in Cynical Fashion Magazine‘s July Into The Depths issue, and then in Gothesque Magazine‘s December Lights issue. I want to focus on producing more quality work and getting more publications next year.



9. I had my first stall at rAge.
I have been making jewellery for many years now, but had never made the decision to have a stall at rAge before until this year. It was definitely a good move and I think it also shows that I have really grown passionate about my craft and reached a level of confidence in my creations.


10. I got a well-earned break with a short holiday to Cape Town.

After this very busy year, I was fortunate enough to be able to go on holiday with my parents to Cape Town.


So what’s next?


Well, here are a few of my plans and goals for next year:


1. Find my first job in my field.

My last exam is on 16th January so I’m going to start job hunting after that. I hope to find a job soon.


2. Start saving to emigrate.

I want to save 1/4 of each month’s salary in order to be able to move to Denmark in a few years.
3. Play violin more. 

I want to get into the habit of playing violin at least 3 days a week. I also want to record a cover of my favourite Korpiklaani song by September 2017.


I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! Feel free to share your 2016 highlights and 2017 goals with me!






2 comments on “2016 in review and plans for 2017

  1. Still a lot of great things! Wish you all the best for this year! ❤

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