A fun trip to Cullinan

Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to share the lovely day I had this Saturday. My family competed in the mountain bike race in Cullinan on Saturday, and I decided to tag along to explore and shop. 

All ready to go! And my hair is back to the colour I like

First I had to have a cappuccino and breakfast at Harrie’s Pancakes of course! I had a hard time deciding what to eat because so many of the options sound delicious, but I went with the biltong and mozzarella pancake which was definitely a good choice! 

After my lovely breakfast, I headed towards the shops, taking in the scenery and looking at interesting thingies along the way, like this giant ring outside a jeweller:

I found the most unusual place called Jan Harmsgat se Agterplaas – it’s a little theatre that’s also used as a wedding venue and is open to the public to walk around and take a look at the strange decor.

After looking at all the shops at the bottom of the street, I headed back up to visit the secondhand book shop called Once Upon A Time that hadn’t opened yet when I walked past earlier. Inside I met the shop cat, who was such a sweetheart, and the lovely shop owner Naòmi, who shares my love for fantasy novels. 

The beautiful shop kitty!

I spent over 2 hours in the shop talking to Naòmi about books and our interests, and she fetched the books I was looking for from her house so I could buy them! She really went out of her way to make sure I got the books I wanted. 

The books Naòmi brought from her personal collection for me!

After I paid for the books, we sat down again and talked. That’s when I spotted this gem. I couldn’t believe my luck! Anyone who knows me knows that I love history, particularly medieval history. This book is beautifully illustrated and contains lots of information about time periods that I had never even heard of! 

I had such a great day and I hope you enjoyed reading about it! 




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