Why I Travel

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I’m fortunate enough to come from a relatively well-off family, so while living in England, traveling was a huge part of my life. I grew to love it from a young age – I would pack at least 2 weeks in advance due to the excitement. The plane trip there was also just as exciting for me – I would always take the window seat, so I can see the plane take off and look at the different landscapes we pass over (when we weren’t flying at night or through clouds). I loved seeing how different the scenery and cultures were and would imagine what I would be like if I grew up there instead. We would usually go to a new country every holiday, as well as having our yearly skiing trip in the French Alps. Sadly I lost most of my old photos when my hard drive crashed a few years ago, but here’s a photo of us at Disney World Florida in 2002:

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My passion for traveling hasn’t changed except that I can no longer do it as regularly, as I now live in South Africa. It’s very expensive for us to travel anywhere due to the poor economy. I have an entire bucket list of countries I want to visit one day (or visit again because I was so young the last time). I can’t afford to travel much now, but I plan to move to Denmark in a few years and then traveling will be easier again. I do often go to different places within my country though. On a few occasions we have gone overseas since living here as well. I have also paid for my own trips to Portugal (sadly those photos are also lost) and Denmark.


Val Thorens (French Alps), 2013

Val Thorens (French Alps), 2013


Mozambique, 2014

Mozambique, 2014


The Little Mermaid in Denmark, 2015

The Little Mermaid in Denmark, 2015


Clarens, 2016

Clarens (South Africa), 2016


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