Darklings Dystopia Playlist 14.12.15

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s Darklings Dystopia Show! Tune in every Monday 9-11pm, (GMT +2) on The Grind Radio.


XIII. Století – Nosferatu Is Dead

Ex-Voto – Waiting For The Dawn


The Drowning Season – Tomorrow’s Gone

Merciful Nuns – Ancient Astronauts

Fields Of The Nephilim – Laura


She Past Away – Monoton

Asylum Party – The Sabbath


Reptyle – Rose Imperial [Remix]

Vendemmian – All Is Lost (All Is Gone)

Rosetta Stone – Sense Of Purpose


The Scarlet Fever – The Chauffeur [Duran Duran Cover]

Depeche Mode – The Sinner In Me


Diary Of Dreams – Endless Nights

Blutengel – Guilty


Absurd Minds – Master Builder

Assemblage 23 – Disappoint

Weak – Hellfire


Icon Of Coil – Regret

[:SITD:] – Memoramdum

Funker Vogt – Lügner!


Schwarzer Engel – Ritt Der Toten

Eisbrecher – Schock

Stahlmann – Plasma






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