My Denmark Adventure! (Yes I know I am posting this so late)

Hi everyone!


I have actually been back in South Africa for two weeks now and wanted to write about my adventures sooner but I have been so busy. Here are some (but not all) of the things I got up to and saw on my holiday. They are in order of when they happened.


1. Tivoli


Tivoli is one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. I spent the entire day there going on all the rides multiple times. It was so much fun! I missed decent rides – Gold Reef City is all we really have and it sucks. The Demon was by far my favourite ride! It’s a super fast rollercoaster (you can see the tracks in the photo) with lots of twists and turns. I wish we had fun rides like these in SA.


2. Dark Angels Exhibition in Rundetaarn


I actually just went to the round tower because it is a tourist attraction and there ended up being a fashion exhibition inside! I absolutely loved this because the techniques used by Peachoo+Krejberg embody all that we have learned in Fashion Theory over the last few years. You can find out more about the Dark Angels exhibition here.


3. The Queen’s Tapestries at Christiansborg Palace


There were so many things to do at Christiansborg. It took me almost a full day to see everything! This was my favourite part though. There is an entire room full of these tapestries that were a gift to the Queen in 1990. These tapestries were very bright and colourful, but most contained a very dark message. For example, look at this one. It’s quite gruesome – heads on spikes, birds attacking people. It seems quite unusual to give a queen something like this for her 50th birthday. Just in case you can’t see, here’s a close up:



4. The Little Mermaid


A trip to Copenhagen isn’t complete without visiting The Little Mermaid!


5. A quick trip to Sweden!


We took the train to Helsingør and the ferry over to Helsingborg to spend a day in Sweden just because we can. It was great to see Sweden. Helsingborg is very beautiful.


6. Roskilde Viking Ship Museum


Anyone who knows me will know how much I love anything to do with Vikings! This day was incredibly fun! Roskilde is a very lovely city and the Viking Ship Museum was amazing. There are many interactive features at the museum, like a blacksmith who shows you how he makes the nails and other items used to make viking boats, as well as an ongoing projects where they are building ships based on viking design. I also got to ride on and help row and steer one of these replica viking boats!


7. Trelleborg Viking Fortress

20150922_124323 20150922_125726

Trelleborg was definitely one of my favourite things I experienced this holiday. The trip to Slaeglse was quite interesting, as Trelleborg is literally located in the middle of nowhere, but it was so worth it. The reconstructed longhouse was great to see, as well as walking through where the stronghold used to be. It was absolutely incredible to be able to walk where the vikings once walked. I sat in the centre of the stronghold taking in my surroundings for well over an hour, imagining how magnificent it would have been in its time. There is also a small reconstructed viking village, which looks like there would be all sorts of activities taking place on busy days, but because I went during the week and in school term time, it was quite abandoned. It was still interesting to go inside the houses and see how the vikings lived. Plus, I came across this rather amusing statue of Thor:



8. Meeting Michael Denner


Anyone who is into their old school heavy metal will know exactly who Mr. Denner is, but for those of you who don’t, he was the guitarist of Mercyful Fate, whose style was revolutionary for their time. These days Michael Denner owns a record store in Copenhagen called Beat Pop Records. It was such a great experience meeting him and he is such a lovely person. We talked for almost an hour and he told me about his recent music projects, favourite bands and the Danish metal scene.


9. Kronborg Castle


This beautiful castle is famous for being the location where Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is set. The castle itself was quite empty, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Casemates – the passages underneath the castle where the soldiers could stay in times when they were under attack. Guided only by my phone flashlight in some areas, this was quite a spooky experience. Most of the tunnels are pitch black and the only sounds you hear are your own footsteps and the occasional drip of water. My favourite part, however, was seeing the statue of the mythical hero, Holger Danske, who is said to be asleep and will awaken to defend Denmark from enemies.



10. Korpiklaani!


One of the main reasons for my trip and one of the best nights of my life – seeing my favourite band live! This was an absolutely incredible experience as I never thought I would see Korpiklaani live, and after the show I got to meet the band and party with them until after 3am! I wish I could relive this night, what an experience.



So these were the highlights of my Denmark trip! I hope you enjoyed reading about them. I had a blast and wish I didn’t have to leave. Denmark has definitely found a special place in my heart and maybe the next time I go I won’t have to leave again.






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