Metal Warriors Playlist 29.09.15

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s Metal Warriors show! Tune in every Tuesday 9-11pm (GMT+2) on The Grind Radio! I’ll be back next week to tell you all about my Denmark adventures!


Ghost – Cirice

Helloween – I Want Out

Iced Earth – The Hunter

Eluveitie – The Call Of The Mountains

Krampus – The Bride

Draconian – Serenade Of Sorrow

Sirenia – Once My Light

Paradise Lost – An Eternity Of Lies

Dream Evil – The Mirror

Freedom Call – Pharao

Kamelot – Age Of Innocence

Nightwish – Alpenglow

Delain – Frozen

Korpiklaani – Surma

Alestorm – Keelhauled

Atlas Pain – Once Upon A Time

After Forever – Face Your Demons

Lyriel – Parting

Amberian Dawn – Circus Black

Iron Maiden – Speed Of Light

KISS – Love Gun

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

Helloween – Battle’s Won

Blind Guardian – Twilight Of The Gods

Hammerfall – Heeding The Call


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