Album Review – Double Eyelid – Seven Years


Artist: Double Eyelid

Album: Seven Years

Genre: Gothic Rock

Released: 7th July 2014

Track listing:

01. Black Box
02. Diamond Cutter
03. She’s Falling
04. John
05. Dead Is Better
06. The Hanged Woman
07. The Quick And The Damned.
08. Dirty Weather
09. The Stranger [Daucus Karota Cover]
10. He Fell


I first discovered Double Eyelid on the Deadfall: Dark Secrets compilation, which featured their song She’s Falling. I was immediately attracted to their unique sound and played the song on my show (and posted it in my playlist for that night). Their vocalist, Ian Revell, contacted me and sent me a free download link for the album.


Their sound is very old-school Goth, but with a modern and experimental twist – a perfect fusion of Bowie-inspired piano and spooky synth with an overall vampy undertone. Their interesting use of bass ensures that any of their songs could be enjoyed on a Goth dancefloor. Their other influences that are easily recognisable include Joy Division, Sex Gang Children and Bauhaus.

I battled to choose a favourite song because I enjoyed the majority of the album. While I was definitely drawn two of the “heavier” songs on the album – Diamond Cutter and Dead Is Better – I also really enjoyed She’s Falling, Black Box and John, which are much slower and dark. Diamond Cutter and Dead Is Better are unusual, but in a good way. The only other band I could possibly relate the sound to is The Awakening. She’s Falling, Black Box and John are definitely the most Bowie- and Bauhaus-esque songs on the album, very much focusing on elaborate piano and bass.

Their cover of Daucus Karota’s The Stranger is also excellent and perhaps even better than the original! They added their own spin to the song and definitely pulled this off surprisingly well. They transformed this song into what could become a dancefloor classic. I’m assuming that this song was also the inspiration for the album title.


This album is a great addition to any old-school Goth rock fan’s collection, while also being perfect for the dancefloor.

Rating 4 Star


As a bonus, here is the recently released video of Double Eyelid’s song “Black Box”


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