Darklings Dystopia Playlist 25.05.15

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s Darklings Dystopia Show! Tune in every Monday 9-11pm on The Grind Radio!


Sisters Of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection

Joy Division – Shadow Play

Bauhaus – Silent Hedges


Snakedance – Fall From Grace

Fields Of The Nephilim – Laura

The Awakening – The Safety Dance [Men Without Hats Cover]


The Cocteau Twins – Garlands

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Spellbound


Merciful Nuns – The Eternal

Two Witches – Teardrop


Double Eyelid is on the Deadfall: Dark Secrets album available for free download from their Bandcamp.


Double Eyelid – She’s Falling

The 69 Eyes – Velvet Touch

Type O Negative – Black No.1


Lost Area – Memoria

Mind.In.A.Box – What Used To Be (Short Storm)


Neuroticfish – Depend On You

Absurd Minds – Brainwash


Helium Vola – Omnis Mundi Creatura

E Nomine – Mitternacht


Zeromancer – Doppleganger, I Love You [I Hate You Remix]

Terminal Choice – Animal


Seelennacht – Die Nächtliche Stadt

Unheilig – Hinunter bis auf Eins

Eisbrecher – Bцse Mдdchen






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