Darklings Dystopia Playlist 13.04.15

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s Darklings Dystopia Show! Tune in every Monday 9-11pm (GMT+2) on The Grind Radio.


Ministry – Every Day Is Halloween

The Crüxshadows – Winter Born (This Sacrifice)

Lestat – Etched In Stone


Ex-Voto – The Blood Runs So Cold

Nosferatu – The Wiccaman (HIW)

Hexotericka – Defined [Version 1]


Rosetta Stone – Forevermore

Vendemmian – Standing

Zeraphine – Be My Rain


And One – Rearming Strafbomber

VNV Nation – Chrome


:Wumpscut: – Kamerad Kaputt

Project Pitchfork – Blood-Stained (Give Me Your Body)

Absurd Minds – Deception [Remix]


Blutengel – Inside Of Me

Terminal Choice – Collective Suicide [Remix]

Funker Vogt – New Beginnings


Amduscia – Melodies For The Devil

Lujhboia – Ira

Menschdefekt – Dedicating Hate


Gothminister – Angel

Deathstars – Temple Of Insects






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