Darklings Dystopia Playlist 30.03.15

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s Darklings Dystopia Show on The Grind Radio. Tune in every Monday 9-11pm (GMT+2).


Ministry – Anything For You

The Sisters Of Mercy – Vision Thing


Siouxsie And The Banshees – Head Cut

Dead Souls Rising – My Death

Inkubus Sukkubus – Belladonna & Aconite


Garden Of Delight – Shared Creation

Morbid Poetry – Train

The Crüxshadows – Clerestory


Wolfsheim – A Broken Whisper

Kaltherzig – Angels


Kaltherzig was found on the Deadfall: Dark Secrets compilation which you can download for free here.


VNV Nation – Perpetual

Diorama – Advance

Covenant – Greater Than The Sun


Ruhestätte Schwarz – Nobody Wants To Dance With Me

Diary Of Dreams – A Dark Embrace

Blutengel – Save Us


E Nomine – Wolfen (Das Tier in Mir) [DT. Sync.: Jack Nicholson]

Helium Vola – Omnus Mundi Creatura


[:SITD:] – Snuff Machinery [Exclusive Album Version]

Funker Vogt – Date Of Expiration (Expired)

:Wumpscut: – Hang Him Higher


Deathstars – The Fuel Ignites

Eisbrecher – Schock






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