Darklings Dystopia Playlist 15.01.15

Here’s the playlist from today’s Darklings Dystopia Show! I’ve linked to every artist’s Facebook page if they have one so you can check them out if you enjoyed them.


Draconian Incubus – Whispers

Fields Of The Nephilim – Dawnrazor

Vendemmian – All Is Lost


Morbid Poetry – All The Days

Pretentious, Moi? – Witchhouse

Light Asylum – Dark Allies [Radio Edit]


Silex – Eyes

The 69 Eyes – Sleeping With Lions

Type O Negative – Everyone I Love Is Dead


Marilyn Manson – Tourniquet

Roterfeld – Blood Diamond Romance II (The Cha Cha Cha Song)


Diary Of Dreams – Amok

Blutengel – In My Dreams

Switchblade Symphony – Gutter Glitter


SITD – Benumbed

Assemblage 23 – Sorry

VNV Nation – Tomorrow Never Comes


Rotersand – Speak To Me

Oomph! – Such Mich Find Mich


Project Pitchfork – Pitch Black

:Wumpscut: – The Dark Chamber

Suicide Commando – Come To Me [Version 2.0]


Terminatryx – We Come In Peace


From next week the Darklings Dystopia Show will be from 9 til 11pm (GMT+2) so tune in on The Grind Radio!





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