Folk Metal Problems

If you’re a folk metal fan like myself, you often deal with frustration with society. Here are some of the problems we have to deal with. This article is meant to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously.

I’ll be discussing folk metal problems on my radio show on The Grind Radio on Thursday 6th November from 1 til 3pm (GMT+2) so tune in for some fun! It will be happening in the later half of my show, after the Goth Rock and Industrial/EBM section (just a heads up for the metalheads who can’t stand Goth music).

So without further delays, here are the very real folk metal fan problems:


1. Having to explain what folk metal is to someone who’s never heard of it.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with combining Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash with metal. That would be a disaster.


2. You: “I listen to folk Metal”. Ignorant person: “Oh, like Amon Amarth?”

Adding viking themed lyrics to melodic death metal does not make it folk metal. Amon Amarth is awesome, but they are not folk metal.


3. When people assume you must be a Pagan. 

What does listening to music about elves, vikings, epic battles and olden gods have to do with my religious views?


4. You can’t tell anyone who your favourite band or what your favourite song is because you can’t pronounce it.

When trying to explain my favourite Finntroll song I end up having to point to it in my iTunes after attempting to pronounce it (and failing miserably) five times.


5. Even when they are singing in English you can’t understand them because of their accents.

You end up having to Google the song lyrics just to be certain that the English title of the song isn’t misleading and that they are in fact singing in English.


6. That awkward moment when you’re blasting some folk metal in the car and you realise you’re getting weird looks from people because all they can hear are the crazy flute or violin solos.

Every Eluveitie fan has had to deal with this.


7. You want to wear a kilt but know it would look ridiculous.

Unfortunately kilt-wearing is not something everyone easily accepts.


8. You can’t listen to music without a beer in your hand.

Not always a problem, but true story. Folk metal is the best drinking and party music and should be enjoyed with a drink in one hand and a wench in the other.


I hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to suggest more Folk metal problems in the comments!

Here’s a song to finish off the list:





2 comments on “Folk Metal Problems

  1. theogoth says:

    Oh yes, the pronunciation one is a biggie.
    “So, what bands do you like?”
    “Eluuuuuvvvvtttt… Eluveeeeeeeiiiitt…”

  2. […] was inspired by JustJossie‘s post “Folk Metal Problems” to make one about one of my favourite subgenres: Doom […]

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