A rant about the modeling industry…

It seems like every second girl is a “model” these days – with their bad photos that look like they were taken with their phone or a point-and-shoot camera and their dreadful posing, makeup and styling. I’m sorry but if you want to call yourself a model, the least you could do is groom yourself properly for a shoot, practise poses, get a makeup artist (even if you think you are good with makeup, if you aren’t amazing, get a makeup artist!) and get a decent photographer. My mentor once told me – if you can’t sell the photos, they shouldn’t be in your portfolio. Don’t waste your time on those dreaded GWC’s (Guys With Cameras – aka the guy who just bought a camera and thinks he’s a photographer, which is another issue on its own).

I have been modeling since 2011 and while I know I am not the best model, the first thing I did when I wanted to start modeling was to pay a professional photographer to get a decent portfolio to start with – before I even told anyone I was a model. That is how it should be done (unless you were scouted by an agency which unfortunately is highly unlikely), not by getting your best friend to take photos with your digital camera in a park and call it a photoshoot. Yes I did shoot with some bad photographers, but you won’t see any of those photos on my social media or portfolios anywhere anymore. I’ve learned that one photo can destroy your entire career. Whether it’s a dodgy concept you shot, a bad photographer you worked with, or just a highly unflattering photo of you. You should set a standard and stick to it. Don’t shoot with photographers who don’t meet your standards, even if they are your friends or are paying you. It’s not worth destroying your reputation as a model.

Another thing that gets on my nerve these days is that every second model is a “professional model”.

Do you do this for a living?
Then you are not a professional. You may have a professional attitude, but unless this is what you do for a living, you are not a professional. Even if you do some paid shoots once or twice a month, it is still a hobby, not a profession.

I mostly do paid work, but give allowance for one or two TFCD (Time For CD – aka free) shoots a month, depending on the quality of the photographer’s work. Even though I get paid for 3 or 4 shoots a month, I still would not be able to quit my job and do it for a living, so I am not a professional and I don’t pretend to be.

Stop calling yourself something you are not. Work to achieve that goal but do not lie to people if you are not a model or professional model yet. You are giving the rest of us who are working our arses off to be successful a bad name.

Rant over.

Yes, I know this was harsh, but unfortunately someone has to tell it like it is.

I hope that some people in the industry will share this so that people can see and hopefully change their attitude to try to be a good model.



One comment on “A rant about the modeling industry…

  1. gazzart says:

    Yes Jossie,
    I agree.
    As you say it’s the same with the GWC’s.
    I’ve been seriously selective lately.
    As I watch these pathetic poppie’s it’s so boring to see.
    I know one thing … cream always rises to the top.
    Keep up with your awesome work and there won’t be many to touch you!

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